Cryptocurrency ATMs are an important gateway to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although not as popular as bank teller machines, these devices are till very useful. It seems we are getting close to the illustrious 3,000 mark when it comes to installed and operational Bitcoin ATMs around the world.

Most regions around the world have one or more Bitcoin ATMs right now. Some countries are a lot more popular, which is to be expected. Despite the overall number of machines growing, the United States is still the largest market. It will continue to be for quite some time to come, but that is only to be expected.

Number of Bitcoin ATMs Keeps Rising

With nearly 3,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, the future looks good for cryptocurrency. Over half of those machines reside in the US, which will not surprise anyone. Despite the lack of an open mind toward cryptocurrency, New York remains the most popular city. Chicago is quickly catching up, though.

Thankfully, the situation is evolving in Europe as well. Bitcoin ATMs are becoming more commonplace in Europe, with Austria being the most popular region. One would expect Malta to be a popular destination as well, yet the island nation has just three Bitcoin teller machines. That is still one more than France, a country which isn’t too crypto-friendly at this time.

The big question is how this landscape will evolve. Consumers all over the world want to access cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ATMs are a good way to do so, despite some high fees. It is the price one pays for this convenience. Even so, an average fee of 8% worldwide is still quite steep, Compared to regular exchanges, these teller machines aren’t all that approachable in this regard.

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