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Bianance Adds to Stellar Lumens

· December 11, 2017 · 8:37 am
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Binance, the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange, today announced that it has started to add Stellar lumens (XLM), the native digital currency of the Stellar network. XLM will now be tradeable on and users can deposit XLM starting today. With the new listing of XLM on Binance, the crypto community will have an additional avenue to purchase or sell XLM tokens easily.

Stellar is an open-source blockchain network that provides interoperability between financial institutions and different payment networks, making cross currency and cross asset payments much faster, more efficient, and less costly than ever before. Stellar’s distributed ledger provides an instant clearing and settlement platform, enabling money to move directly between people, companies and financial institutions as easily as email. Within the network, lumens serve as a bridge asset between pairs of different currencies.

“We’re thrilled that Binance is now supporting XLM,” said Jed McCaleb, cofounder of “We believe that as more people hold XLM, it will positively contribute to the growth of the Stellar network. This will help Stellar reach its goal of becoming an open standard for our financial system, in order to make financial transactions quicker and more cost-effective than ever before.”

“We like the strategic approach of Stellar’s results-driven team and its growing community.  We believe the collective efforts of focused projects like this are necessary to move the blockchain industry forward,” says Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance.

About Binance

Binance is the fastest growing crypto asset exchanges in the world. Founded by a team of fintech and crypto gurus — it is capable of processing more than 1.4 million orders per second, making it one of the fastest exchanges in the market. The platform focuses on security, robustness, and execution speed — attracting enthusiasts and professional traders alike.

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