In a recent announcement, Ethereum-based gambling platform vDice confirmed raising around $1.8 million worth of Ether tokens through its ongoing crowd sale.

The ICO evidently registered success, for it is still one week ahead of its official closure date – December 15th 2016. A lot of credit for running such a successful campaign goes to vDice’s decision to launch its platform before its ICO’s commencement. The step ensured potential investors that vDice means business, and does not intend to disappear as many vaporware has done before.

The platform has managed to redefine the immensely competitive cryptocurrency gambling industry with blockchain innovation. It is the first casino platform that exclusively pushes the ideal of decentralisation among developers and players. vDice hence is completely trusted by the users – an autonomous entity solely based on Ethereum’s trusted P2P network.

The project’s reliance on decentralisation certainly removes regulatory hurdles for players. It has been observed that many countries – states, specifically – bar their citizens from playing money-based online games. However, the no-geography restriction of vDice enables users to signup without providing personal data. Thereby, people can bet from anywhere they are. The bets are fair and the payouts are instant.

The vDice ICO, on the other hand, enables people to make themselves an integral part of the platform’s future developments. Investors can buy vDice’s native cryptocurrency vSlice and claim their stakes on the platform once the token starts gaining mass adoption. vSlice also allows its holders to earn a share of profits from the vDice games.

Only the limited amount of 96 million tokens is available on sale and only during the period of ICO. They will no longer be available after the ICO ends next week. They will also be tradable on multiple exchange platforms once the ICO ends.

vDice’s site developers have a lot of big plans to further develop the site from the funds raised during the crowdsale (ICO). The investors not only profit from the vSlice but vDice will also be offering amazing set of contracts. The contracts are basically games representing various investment opportunities for the prospective players/investors.

The plans of deveoplment of are laid out in detail in whitepaper and development roadmap, already available on the vDice ICO webpage.

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