If you were to look at the DasCoin roadmap, known as DasRoadmap, in late July 2018 and again in August 2018, you would notice some significant updates. CEO Michael Mathias announced on the 9th August 2018 that the DasRoadmap had significant updates and the latest version was now available on the project’s website. The updated version of the roadmap gives investors, those looking forward to using DasCoin’s projects, and those who are just interested in the endeavor a better idea of which projects are coming up and what order they will launch in.

Launches to Pay Attention to

As you look at the updated version of the DasRoadmap, pay close attention to the projects that will be launching throughout the rest of the year. Before 2018 is over, we will see DAS33, DasMarketplace, and DasRewards, along with the launch for both Fashion Blockchain and the DasNet app. There are even more plans already on the roadmap for early 2019, so there is never a dull moment.

The Importance of the DasRoadmap

The DasRoadmap is a key part of the DasCoin project since it displays the past, present, and future of the company. You can see how and when DasCoin began, including the early steps to get there. You also can look at the most recent advances and newest features added to the DasCoin project. Or you can just use it to see what upcoming launches you should get excited about.

The DasRoadmap delivers insights into the goals and future of the company while delivering transparency as to how DasCoin will achieve those goals. This way, contributors and those with an interest in the Currency of Trust can see exactly what plans DasCoin has to let this vision materialize.

The Roadmap Additions

At the moment, the DasRoadmap extends to early 2019, giving us a glimpse of the next several projects that will launch. Some are listed on the roadmap with just a launch, while others also have additional steps included. The next milestones on the DasRoadmap, for example, all relate to DAS33. First, DasCoin will have the beta presale, followed by the beta crowd sale and then the official launch.

Other launches have fewer steps since much of the work has already been completed. Following the DAS33 launch, you will notice the DasCoin Marketplace Launch, then the DasRewards Launch, and then DasPay beta, the last of which is the first in a two-part series of DasPay milestones. From there, DasCoin will launch the Fashion Blockchain, followed by the DasNet App. At this point, 2019 will arrive with the rollout of AlliancePay in Q1 and the launch of DasPay following the conclusion of its beta.


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