Advancements in technology and individual privacy don’t always go hand in hand. An excellent example of such a negative correlation is the internet. The increased penetration of internet has definitely made life a lot easier for people. At the same time, increased use of online services and connected devices has made it easier for businesses, government agencies and hackers to gain access to individuals’ private information and even misuse it.

Scientific research, especially in the healthcare and genomics sector is at perils due to similar reasons. Genomic research involves voluntary public participation, where people submit samples of their genetic material for researchers to process and analyze them. But at the same time, the general public is increasingly becoming concerned about the privacy of their genetic material and potential misuse. These concerns arise due to lack of transparency of research and also at times due to certain isolated cases involving misuse or mishandling of confidential medical/genetic information, not to mention attacks on the storage infrastructure itself.

Genomic research can potentially result in the discovery of cures for some of the dreaded diseases and disorders in the world. But in order for it to progress, it has become imperative to convince the general public about the security and confidentiality of their personal information and also unprecedented levels of transparency to make sure they know how their information is being used. In such a scenario, blockchain technology can easily address all the concerns, thanks to its secure, transparent and immutable nature.

Encrypgen, a Florida-based company, has decided to go ahead and solve the issue with its Gene-Chain blockchain solution for genomic research. The Gene-Chain solution can be used by laboratories, hospitals, research centers and even individuals to ensure safety, secure storage and accountability when it comes to handling sensitive genetic information of individuals.

In addition to offering an easy to use, flexible blockchain solution for the researchers and laboratories, Gene-Chain also provides people with a way to control how their genetic data is used and under what circumstances. With Gene-Chain, individuals will remain the custodians of their data, and they can track the use of their genetic information. It will also potentially provide them with a way to monetize it.

As Encrypgen continues to develop Gene-Chain and associated products, the platform has announced the launch of its ICO. The month-long ICO that began on June 15 aims to raise a total of 1000 BTC, of which more than 100 BTC has already been fulfilled. Those investing in ICO will gain Gene-Chain Coins, the cryptotoken for transactions on the Gene-Chain.

Those interested in being part of the Gene-Chain initiative can join the ICO by visiting Encrypgen website.


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