LEOcoin is a digital currency, backed by a dedicated exchange which hopes to be more than a cryptocurrency platform, and thus are actively lobbying for the entire digital currency community among lawmakers and regulators. 

It is a private-centric cryptocurrency for small businessmen which enables people to be the part of a private – and legitimate – finance circle, where they are not made to submit their personal details, such as name, home address, and bank info; making LEOcoin a fast, safe and private means of payment, when compared to other digital payment methods.

LEOcointhe Lion of Cryptocurrency Industryendeavours to promote and encourage all digital currencies as well wider blockchain technology. The LEOcoin Foundation- a Social Enterprise, strives to promote and educate the government representatives about the potential impact that digital currency can have to change the way the world does business, by constantly meeting them. 

The response to this initiative by the LEOcoin Foundation has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Their efforts and the vision for digital currency have clearly impressed the government officials. The use of blockchain technology to solve global financial problems has also struck a chord with the officialsMoreover, the most favourableoutcome has been the UK government’s agreement about the fact that UK’s regulation of digital currencies should and does not hinder this industry.

LEOcoin believes it of incredible importance to lead the digital currency conversation and become a key contributor that shapes this agenda. Also, the LEOcoin Foundation is also an active member of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce, and recently joined a Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group run by Tech UK.

LEOcoin just wants to make people aware about this revolutionary new technology that can change the way business is done and services operate. It wants to educate and make them understand the power of this technology. Also, LEOcoin says that once it has been explained to them, they find many decision makers keen to continue to help them.

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