Bitcoin Cash adoption continues to improve on a global scale. With BitPay enabling BCH as a payment option, more merchants are now looking into this “alternative form of Bitcoin’ Mobile Vikings, a European MVNO has now enabled this currency as a payment option. It is another major boon for BCH supporters, as the coin gains another real-world use case.

BitPay has enabled Bitcoin Cash support some time ago. Alongside with Bitcoin, they now offer two separate payment options. The big difference is how Bitcoin is subject to a fee, whereas BCH is settled at no extra cost. An interesting correlation, but one merchants need to be aware of. More specifically, offering both payment options is well worth looking into as a merchant these days.

Mobile Vikings and Bitcoin Cash

Over the past few weeks, several companies have enabled this second option. Mobile Vikings, a European MVNO, is now doing the same. They are active in Belgium and Poland as of right now. The integration of BitPay as a payment processor occurred a few years ago. As such, the support for Bitcoin Cash makes a lot of sense.

Whether or not users will opt for BCH, remains to be seen. It is unclear how many Mobile Vikings users effectively pay through BitPay in the first place. The option has been well-received by a lot of people. Unfortunately, Bitcoin’s lack of scaling and mounting fees have made it a far less favorable option for mobile top-ups. Bitcoin Cash may be able to bring some positive changes to the table in this regard.

It is evident more and more merchants are flocking to Bitcoin Cash. Competition in the cryptocurrency payment ecosystem is a good thing. Bitcoin is far from perfect in its current form. Without proper scaling, it will only become less favorable as a payment currency. That would be an unfortunate development, for obvious reasons. Even so, there are several altcoins looking to take its place.

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