LBN_XMR Chart 2001

Monero Price Analysis – Flat Charts As Far As The Eye Can See

When things remain status quo in the cryptocurrency world, there is very little to talk about. Investors, speculators, and other […]

LBN_Monero 19 Jan

Monero Price Analysis – Boring Trading Action Pushes XMR Over US$12

Another day of trading is in the books for Monero, and very little has changed yet again. One positive note […]

Monero Price Analysis

Monero Price Analysis – Fiat Currency Bulls Are Entering The Picture

Not much has changed for Monero over the past 24 hours, other than a small dip in USD value. That […]

LBN_Monero XMR Bitcoin

Monero Price Analysis – PIggybacking on Bitcoin’s Success Pushes Value to US$12

Contrary to what the charts were indicating 36 hours ago, Monero successfully changed its course to stay away from the […]

LBN_Monero Bearish Trend

Monero Price Analysis – Bears Prevent Bulls From Pushing The Price Upwards

Monero successfully managed to hold onto its price point at the US$10.3 mark, even though it seemed likely XMR would […]

LBN_Monero Price Analysis

Monero Price Analysis – Going Below US$10 is Very Likely

The Monero market has undergone some rather negative changes over the past few days. Speculators had indicated a downtrend was […]

LBN_Monero Value Bitcoin

Monero Price Analysis – Back Above US$11.5 Due To BTC Price Increase

The recent Bitcoin price uptrend is causing the altcoins to enjoy some positive momentum as well. With Monero’s Bitcoin value […]

LBN_XMR 1201

Monero Price Analysis – Downward USD Trend Intensifies

Things continue to go from bad to worse where Monero is concerned.The USD value of this anonymity-centric alternative currency continues […]

LBN_Monero Decline Volatility

Monero’s Price Analysis – Bitcoin Volatility Rips Through XMR Market Cap

The Monero market has gone through a significant shakeup over the past 24 hours. Whereas the price trend looked quite […]

LBN_Bitstamp Ripple XRP

Bitstamp Will add EUR and USD Trading Pairs For XRP On January 17

Popular European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has added a new trading market to their platform. Come January 17; Bitstamp users can […]

LBN_Monero Analysis 10 Jan

Monero Price Analysis – Battle For US$14 Price Point Wages On

Monero is currently in an uptrend, pushing both the USD and BTC value towards new highs over the past 24 […]

LBN_Monero Flat Trading Chart

Monero Price Analysis – Bearish Trend In Both USD And BTC Markets

Things have been relatively quiet in the Monero markets over the past 24 hours. Neither the BTC and USD markets […]

TheMerkle_XMR Analysis

Monero Price Analysis – USD Market Gains Paint A Positive Outlook

Things continue to look rather bad for the Monero market as of late. The currency continues to lose ground against […]

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