LBN XMR 2104

Monero price Analysis – More of the Same Despite Small Losses

Another day of Monero trading is in the books, and very little has changed on the charts over the past […]

LBN XMR 2004

Monero Price Analysis – More Sideways Movement During Accumulation Stage

It would appear the Monero accumulation phase is not over entirely, albeit that is not necessarily a bad thing. Currency […]

LBN XMR 1904

Monero Price Analysis – Small Retrace Before The Next Leg Up?

It was only to be expected Monero would face a bit of opposition over the next few days. Right now, […]

LBN Coincheck Altcoins

Japan’s Coincheck Exchange Adds Litecoin, XEM, and Dash Trading Markets

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have noticed something strange is going on with the XEM price right now. Coincheck, one of Japan’s […]

LBN XMR 1804

Monero price Analysis- US$22 Is Within Reach Once Again

As we successfully predicted yesterday, the XMR price is continuing to head in the upward direction. While bitcoin is preparing […]

LBN Litecoin SegWit Manipulation

Litecoin SegWit Is Dangerously Close to Falling Below The Activation Threshold

As of right now, there is a lot of discussion among Litecoin enthusiasts regarding SegWit and the UASF. Even though […]

LBN XMR 1704

Monero Price Analysis – The XMR Recovery Process Is In Full Effect

Anyone who is holding Monero right now is keeping a close eye on the charts. As was to be expected, […]

LBN XMR 1604

Monero Price Analysis – Fiat Currency Traders Are Accumulating

Weekends are often the most boring periods in cryptocurrency trading, and this weekend is no exception in that regard. For […]

altcoins in 2017, cryptocurrencies in 2017, altcoin fllipping, cryptocurrency trading

The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2017

The year 2017 kicked start with a booming bullish wave that pushed the price of bitcoin and many altcoins up […]

LBN XMR 1404

Monero Price Analysis – Succesfully Maintaining the US$22 Mark Is The Top Priority

The past 24 hours have brought more of the same positive momentum for Monero even though very little has changed […]

LBN XMR 1304

Monero Price Analysis – US$22 Resistance Broken, Time For Accumulation

Things are finally evolving in the right direction for Monero, as the XMR currency has reached a significant milestone for […]

LBN XMR 1204

Monero Price Analysis – Market Behavior Serves As Solid Buy Signal

Yet another day of XMR trading is in the books, and it appears there have been some minor profits along […]

LBN XMR 1104

Monero Price Analysis – Future Gains Are A Matter of Time

The Monero price has remained fairly stable over the past 24 hours, even though there was a large spike to […]

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