FinTech company NusPay today announced that it has selected Microsoft Azure for its end to end digital currency platform.

The statement, according to NusPay’s CEO and chairman Greg A Wooten, was made in the wake of the company’s expected global expansion which could require them to address a growing number of transactions, as well as scalability issues. He said:

“Nuspay needed the ability to reassure its customers, clients and strategic partners that our centralized digital currency platform had its roots firmly imbedded in a world class cloud infrastructure that had the ability to go to the moon and back if needed. Utilizing Microsoft Azure allows me to focus on our global growth without having to be concerned about our infrastructure.”

Launched in 2010, Microsoft Azure today is counted among the most reliable and scalable cloud computing platforms. It processes around 1.5 million network transaction request per second via over 100 globally distributed datacenter. The platform is a leader when it comes to offering developer-focused PaaS and IaaS services, top-upped with supports for many leading programming languages. It is also among the first platforms to have integrated the Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (or EBaaS), a cloud-based blockchain developer environment.

NusPay, whose emerging digital currency ecosystem entertains users with diverse banking needs, has worked towards bypassing the challenges that arise from the current banking infrastructure. The centralized platform aims to deploy digital currency technology to introduce low-cost banking via its sundry services, including cross-border remittance, as well as contactless, NFC, and online payment services.

To say Microsoft Azure is a natural partner to NusPay would be practical, as the former’s scalability could help sustain the infrastructural growth of the latter. NusPay is already planning to develop an international digital currency exchange, whose headquarters would be built in Singapore and the Caribbean.

Source: NusPay Blog

Image Source: NusPay Twitter

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