Ethbet Raising Funds to Develop Decentralized Dice Gaming Platform

Ethbet has proposed to develop a unique dice gaming platform which, in addition to being decentralized, is also without a house edge. […]

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Forex Paradise Launches Visa-, MasterCard-Powered Bitcoin Debit Cards

An international finance management company hailing from Hong Kong has launched a new range of Bitcoin debit cards. Forex Paradise, […]

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LBNN_Blockchain Voting Australia

Blockchain-based Voting Will Come To Australia Soon

The way we vote relies on a system that has undergone little to no changes over the past few decades. […]

How EFF Stopped California Lawmakers From Restricting Bitcoin Again

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization established for the defense of civil liberties in the digital space, has convinced […]

Retail Giants Like Tesco Introduce Fintech Payment Platforms

Over the past two years, major financial service providers and banks including Apple and JPMorgan have introduced various merchant payment […]

LBN_The Guardian Bitcoin Investment

The Guardian Gives Positive Advice Regarding About Bitcoin Investing

In a surprising turn of the events, The Guardian published a rather positive article on Bitcoin. Mainstream media has a […]

ZCash to Launch in October to Provide Transparency & Privacy

Zcash, a decentralized privacy-focused cryptocurrency is set to launch the genesis block of the Zcash blockchain network by October, 2016. […]

LBN_Shadow Brokers Auction NSA

The Shadow Brokers’ Bitcoin Auction For Hacked NSA Tools Sees Lowball Offers

Not too long ago, a mysterious hacker collective put a set of hacking tools and exploits online. According to The […]

LBN_Credit Cards Millennials Bitcoin

Millennials Avoiding Credit Card Debt Can Spur Bitcoin Adoption

The Millennials demographic is of great importance to any financial ecosystem or service in the world today. The younger generations […]

LBN_Asian Stock market Profit Taking

Asian Stock Market Profit Taking Is Positive For Bitcoin

As the Asian stocks continue their downwards descent, Bitcoin becomes all of the more appealing to consumers and investors alike. […]

LBN_Bitfinex Class Action Lawsuit

Bitcoin Users Consider Filing A Bitfinex Class Action Lawsuit

It was only a matter of time until somebody decided to take action against the Bitfinex team. A new website […]

LBN_Hong Kong Trade Finance Blockchain

Hong Kong’ Trade Finance Will Be A Primary Blockchain Use Case

Hong Kong is one of the biggest financial centres in the world. Even though the region is not as popular […]

Internet Offers Plethora of Sports Betting Options

Sports betting has been around for thousands of years. The old texts of India’s epic literature Mahabharata mentions people wagering […]

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