Lucyd – our mission is fun, comfy and practical smart glasses for everyone

The crypto-asset management platform, CoinDash has entered into a partnership with GateCoin on 10th October 2017 to integrate […]

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LBN_Millennials Financial Solutions

MasterCard Study Shows Millennials Avoid Financial Inclusion Through Traditional Banking

Financial Inclusion is a term often used to describe unbanked and underbanked populations on planet Earth. Most people automatically think […]

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LBN_Tallinn Cofnerence Bitcoin Blockchain

Tallinn To Host Upcoming Bitcoin And Blockchain Conference

Estonia is a country where blockchain technology has become all the more important in recent months. This is also part […]

LEOcoin Overview: The Digital Currency of Masses

LEOcoin, a private-centric cryptocurrency for small businessmen, has garnered a good reputation for providing users with an impeccable set of digital financing […]

LBN_Tax Evasion Corporation

Governments Should Focus on Tax Evasion Shelters Rather Than Scrutinize Bitcoin

Tax evasion is once again becoming a hot topic of debate among government officials all over the world. As it […]

LBN_Virtual Danish Krone

Danish Central Bank Eyes Blockchain Technology For Digital Krone

The number of banks looking to introduce a blockchain-based national currency continues to grow. The Central Bank of Denmark is […]

LBN_Finance Investment 2017

Unfavorable Financial Predictions For 2017: Stock market, Interest Rates, US Federal Deficit

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, predictions for the year 2017 are slowly surfacing all over the Internet. Especially […]

LBN_FX Market

Speculative Investors Are Exiting The FX Market In Droves, Report Says

It is apparent the foreign exchange market is starting to shrink at an alarming pace. Hedge funds and speculative investors […]

LBN_Cashless Trust

On The Brink of Going Cashless: Do You Trust The Bank or Alternative Finance?

It is evident physical cash is slowly being phased out by governments and financial institutions. Consumers have their role to […]

LBN_INdia Bank ATM Out of Order

Two of Three Indian Bank ATMs Do Not Work, More Bitcoin Demand Expected

It is rather evident the financial situation in India is getting out of hand rather quickly. Not only is there […]

LBN_COinsecure San Antonio Bitcoin ATM

Coinsource Expands Bitcoin ATM Network By Installing Three Machines In San Antonio

Coinsource is a company seeing tremendous success in their quest to deploy Bitcoin ATM networks. Not only will these machines […]

LBN_MIT Salesforce Bitcoin Bubble

MIT And SalesForce Team Up To Burst Bitcoin’s Bubble On December 12

Even though Bitcoin is far from a popular currency right now, a lot of people are legitimately afraid of the […]

LBN_Bitcoin Investigator Law Enforcement

European Law Enforcement Agencies Look To Hire Bitcoin Investigators

Bitcoin is the center point of focus for law enforcement agencies all of a sudden. In fact, the Swedish law […]

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