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Bitcoin: Baby Steps On the Road to Recovery

Bitcoin is now hovering at around $222.  That’s about one or two dollars more than where it was yesterday. Bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin Has Stayed the Same Since Yesterday, and that is a Good Thing…

Okay… So bitcoin is hovering at around $221.  In other words, there is really no change whatsoever from yesterday. This […]

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For Every “Bad” Bitcoin, There is a Good One Waiting in the Wings

At the moment, the bitcoin price isn’t experiencing much change.  It’s currently hovering at around the $220 range, and for […]

Finding Leading Bitcoin Brokers

Bitcoin Challenges Us to Accept Something Different

We all fear what we do not know or what we do not understand, and when it comes to bitcoin, […]

Three Ways To Get Bitcoins News On Time

In Many Ways, Bitcoin is a Lot Like Us

When I look at bitcoin, I am reminded of the big plans we all make in life that didn’t completely […]

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Bitcoin’s Reputation Needs to be Bigger

It is always satisfying when you can give someone new knowledge or leave them with something to think about.  I […]


Digital Currency Prepares Us for Some of Life’s Disasters

Often times when I look at cryptocurrencies and their fluctuating prices, I am reminded of everyday life. It is likely […]

What Is a Bitcoin Wallet and How It Helps In Safekeeping This Cryptocurrency

How I’ve Grown with Bitcoin

If someone had told me 10 years ago, or five years ago, or even three years ago that I would […]

Anoncoin Promises Privacy, but is True Privacy Ever Really Possible?

So, this is really the first time I’ve become familiar with what’s known as anoncoin.  I guess it’s probably short […]

Things To Remember When Using A BTCUSD Converter

Why We Continue to Have Faith in Bitcoin

So, bitcoin is now back down to a measly $230… What to do?  What to say? If any of you […]

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Oh Bitcoin, Where Art Thou?

Argh, when is bitcoin going to make up its mind? I have been watching the price like an obsessive hound […]

The Winklevoss Twins say Buy Bitcoin Now

The Winklevoss twins… You can’t deny the fact they’re an intelligent pair, and they haven’t come as far as they […]

A Little Bitcoin Song to Celebrate the Steady Rise

Here’s a new tune that digital currency enthusiasts can enjoy (to be sung to the theme of “Rawhide”): ‘Bitcoin, bitcoin, […]

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