Ethbet Raising Funds to Develop Decentralized Dice Gaming Platform

Ethbet has proposed to develop a unique dice gaming platform which, in addition to being decentralized, is also without a house edge. […]

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Can Bitcoin Satisfy Both White and Black Markets?

Currently, Bitcoin is in its seventh year and continuing its path as the freedom currency of the 21st century. 2016 […]

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Bitso and Bitwage to Broaden Bitcoin Adoption in Mexico

The Mexican Bitcoin exchange Bitso has announced a collaboration with Bitwage to help Mexican workers attain their wages in Bitcoin. […]


Soft Forks, White Hats, and SEC Oh My!

The mess surrounding the DAO attack is not over. The majority of the Ethereum community seems to be leaning towards […]


Bitcoin certificates resume trading following Global Advisors acquisition of XBT Provider

The XBT Provider instruments Bitcoin Tracker One (Ticker: COINXBT) and Bitcoin Tracker EUR (Ticker: COINXBE) resumed trading at 09.00 a.m. […]

Fish out Gems with the Water Wheel and Win Rewards on Dragon’s Tale

The science of engineering goes way back in time. Some of the first engineering marvels started to appear in the […]


Ledger Nano S Is Available For Pre-Order

Today the hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has announced the pre-order for the Ledger Nano S is now live. The device […]


To Fork or Not to Fork: 24 Days To React

The past few days in the world of dApps and Altcoins has been quite eventful, to say the least. An […]

Telegram with Bitcoin integrated by StartChat Tech now available on apple app store

Telegram with Bitcoin integrated by StartChat Tech now available on Apple app store

StartChat combines the backend encryption of Telegram with the convenience of 2-click Bitcoin transactions and wallet currencies conversions display such […]


Central Bank’s Are Hypnotized By Fintech and Blockchains

On June 17th, the Bank of England (BOE) announced a new initiative with a financial technology accelerator that will partner […]

Investors Look to Bitcoin As The Asset Class of the 21st Century

It’s been over seven years since the birth of Bitcoin and as its growth continues in 2016 it is a […]

All Forked Up Don’t Know What To DAO

Over the past few days, it has been a wild ride if you are a fan of cryptocurrency. We all […]


DAO Attacker Says 3m Ether Loss is Legal

With the Ethereum community and DAO Hub investors all shook up things are starting to look worse for them in regards […]

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