The Secret to Becoming a Crypto Millionaire

The Secret to Becoming a Crypto Millionaire

Are you a crypto millionaire? If so, you probably bought into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum very early. Early cryptocurrency […]

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LBN BTC ATH Worldwide

Bitcoin’s Bullrush Continues Despite US$100 Drop yesterday Evening

It is evident Bitcoin continues to set new all-time high values all over the world right now. Over in India, […]

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LBN Bitcoin Price Spread

Bitcoin Price Gap Between Exchanges Shrinks a Bit Yet Remains Quite Large

With so many people remaining bullish on Bitcoin, one would almost tend to forget there is a huge spread between […]

Bitcoin price, bitcoin technical analysis, bitcoin price forecast, BTCUSD

Bitcoin Price Skyrocketing – Completing a 5 Wave Elliott Formation

Bitcoin price continued rising at an unprecedented rate during the past few days, as the market’s bulls managed to push […]

LBN Poloniex Altcoins ltiecoin

Poloniex Sees Over US$141m Worth of Trading Volume for Litecoin

The past 24 hours have proven to be quite interesting for people who enjoy trading altcoins. In fact, everything listed […]

hire botnets, bitcoin and the darkweb, Tor marketplaces, hire hackers

Bitcoin, Tor and Botnets – Creating a New Market

  The advent of darknets, along with the popularization of cryptocurrencies, namely bitcoin, have helped hackers market their services, throughout […]

blockchain applications, construction engineering, blockchain applications, blockchain adoptions

Utilizing The Blockchain Technology To Improve the Construction Engineering Management Sector

Presently, the construction engineering management industry is suffering a myriad of challenges including establishment of trust, efficiency of data sharing […]

LBN nChain Craig Wright

Private Equity Firm Purchases nChain For Undisclosed Amount of Money

Most Bitcoin enthusiasts remember Craig Wright, the person who falsely claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. One of the companies using […]

LBN USDT Bitcoin Arbitrage

USDT Woes Create Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunity With Plenty of Risk Involved

There are quite a few arbitrage opportunities to take advantage of in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, sometimes […]

bitcoin hedging, bitcoin binary options, bitcoin volatility, altcoin trading

CoinDirect runs ICO to offer decentralized platform for Casino industry.

2 of May, 2017, Hong-Kong, HK Blockchain developer Nico Ami Lee announces the opening of the – an open […]

bitcoin, open source, decentralized brand, MtGox, Silk Road

Bitcoin – The World’s Most Successful Decentralized Brand

Bitcoin introduced the world to a new concept of decentralization of currency, authority and even branding. Bitcoin is inarguably the […]

LBN Bitfinex issues

Lack of Communication by Bitfinex has Bitcoin Users Concerned

A lot of Bitcoin users are growing concerned over the Bitfinex exchange. It is well known the company is dealing […]

LBN Norges Bank Digital Currency

Norwegian Central Bank Aims to Issue “Anonymous” Digital Currency

Norway is the latest country to explore issuing a new cryptocurrency on the blockchain. This idea was proposed by the […]

sikoba, digital credit system, altcoin, SKO, altcoin ICO

Sikoba – A Blockchain Based Digital Credit System

Sikoba, an international decentralized financial platform which is based on the blockchain technology and peer-to-peer (P2P) IOUs, is preparing for […]

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