LBN_BitGo Instant Volume

BitGo Instant’s Weekly Transaction Volume Surpasses 10,000 Bitcoin

Instant bitcoin transactions have always been difficult to achieve. In fact, it only seems to become harder to have operations […]

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LBN_India Economic Growth Forecast

Reserve Bank of India Slashes Economic Growth Forecast As Rupee Ban Issues Linger

The Reserve Bank of India finally acknowledges the issues plaguing the region. Every since the ban on particular banknotes was […]

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LBN_Darknet Counterfeit Euros Germany

Darknet Criminals Target German Retailers With Counterfeit Euro Bills

Darknet activity is becoming far more common around the world than most people think. Interestingly enough, the focus by online […]

LBN_BItPhone Shuts Down

BitPhone Shuts Down As Carrier Service Requires Collection of User Information

BitPhone was one of the popular services that allowed any Bitcoin user to make global phone calls at a fraction […]

In Conversation with Dan Andersson, the Founder of LEOcoin

  • December 7, 2016 at 10:40 GMT

Live Bitcoin News recently got an opportunity to speak with Dan Andersson, the founder of private-centric cryptocurrency LEOcoin. As we discussed […]

LBN_Venezuelan Bolivar Hyperinflation

Venezuelan Central Bank Will Print 20,000 Bolivar Notes Soon

The financial situation in Venezuela seems to go from bad to even worse, albeit most people thought that would not […]

LBN_Financial Experts Are Useless

Financial Experts Got The Gold Price Surge Wrong, Still Advise People To Stay Away From Bitcoin

Financial experts predicted a surge in gold value if Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential elections. Fast forward to today, […]

LEOcoin Info App Offers Latest LEOcoin Price Updates

  • December 6, 2016 at 2:21 GMT

In an attempt to facilitate traders with minute-to-minute market information, LEOcoin backers have come up with a fresh, on-the-go mobile […]

LBN_Bitcoin Exchanges Charter OCC

OCC Wants To Alleviate Bitcoin Exchanges To “Special Bank” Status

Bitcoin exchanges have always been quite a difficult target for regulators all over the world. It is difficult to define […]

VERITAS Announces ICO to Create Decentralised Journalism Platform; Goes Live Dec 6

Veritas has announced the launch of its crowdsale initiative for a new decentralised journalism platform. It is going live on […]

bitcoin casino

Online Casino Website Offers a Crash Course on Online Gambling 

There are numerous online gambling games, designed to closely resemble the ones found in casinos across the world. Many online […]

LBN_India Blockchain Incubator

India’s First-ever Blockchain Incubator Is Open For Business

Blockchain companies have been the center of attention for more than two years now. Both financial institutions and governments are […]

Benches and Beetles to bet on to win Bitcoin, the famous MMORPG casino platform, stands in sharp contrast to its Las Vegas casino-esque counterparts. places its players in a virtual […]

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