LBN_White Hat Hacking DCMA

DCMA Changes Give White Hats Carte Blanche To Hack All Kinds of Technology

White hat hacking is subject to many misconceptions. A lot of people feel that hacking is unethical regardless of whether […]

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LBN_Ukraine Darknet Bitcoin

Bitcoin-Accepting Ukrainian Darknet Vendors Face Up To Twelve Years In Prison

Ukraine is a country known for many different things. Not only is it a great place to visit as a […]

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LBN_Fintech Bitcoin Adoption

Lack of Trust Holds Back Global Fintech and Bitcoin Adoption

The Fintech industry is often touted as the go-to solution to chance finance as we know it today. Despite facing […]

LBN_Darknet Carding

Darknet Users Sentenced To Jail For Buying Train Tickets With Stolen Credit Cards

Many people associate Bitcoin usage with the darknet, and there is a certain truth to that story. However, criminals use […]

LBN_South africa Bitcoin

Slightly More Financial Breathing Room May Warrant New Bitcoin Boom in South Africa

Things are slowly unraveling in South Africa, despite somewhat good news being announced today. All charges of fraud against the […]

LBN_Deep Web Bitcoin Arrest

Another Bitcoin-related Deep Web Arrest Takes Place In Germany

The number of darknet-related arrests in Germany continues to increase over time. The Brandenburg Police Department announced they arrested a […]

LBN_SegWit Actiivation

Andreas Antonopoulos Feels SegWit Will Activate On The Network In A Few Months

The latest release of the Bitcoin Core client marks a significant milestone for Bitcoin. Segregated Witness is included in the […]


Deep Web Vendors Start Offering Radium-266 To Clients

Everyone knows by now how the deep web allows people from all over the world to buy and sell virtually […]

LBN_Bitcoin Banks Angler Phishing

Bank Users Around The World Targeted By Angler Phishers

There are many threats to users of online banking services these days. Security researchers have issued a new warning regarding […]

LBN_South Korea Deep Web

First South Korean Deep Web Investigation Has Been Officially Recorded

Up until now, there has never been a mention of darknet vendors being arrested in South Korea. That is not […]

LBN_Austria Federal Trojan

The Austrian Government Seeks To Develop A Federal Trojan Horse

Governments have a tendency to create national proprietary services and concepts. Over in Austria, politicians are convinced they need a […]

LBN_Chronicled Ethereum IoT Drone

Chronicled Showcases The Bright Future of Blockchain-based IoT Delivery Drones

Cryptocurrency technology, also known as the blockchain, is being used for many different projects as we speak. Chronicled, a startup […]

How Bankers Are Fighting Against Logic in Blockchain Race

Bitcoin is one of the very few successful products of the blockchain technology despite being around for more than 8 […]

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