LBN_Dominican republic Two-Way Bitcoin ATM

Two-Way Bitcoin ATMs Arrive In The Dominican Republic

One of the main drawbacks most Bitcoin ATMs are faced with, is how they do not allow users to sell […]

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LBN_Bitcoin Hoarding Spending

Bitcoin Hoarders Have Value In The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The Bitcoin world consists of two broad camps: those who hoard cryptocurrency, and those who spend it. Depending on whom […]

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LBN_Monero XMR Bitcoin

Monero Price Analysis – PIggybacking on Bitcoin’s Success Pushes Value to US$12

Contrary to what the charts were indicating 36 hours ago, Monero successfully changed its course to stay away from the […]

Do you know the last trading strategy? Earn money after 70 trades

70Trades enables the novice trader in their journey to become a professional by familiarizing them with the market operations and […]

LBN_UK Inflation Rate 2017

UK Inflation Accelerates Faster Than Economists Predicted

The UK economy is hit with its worst inflation in more than two years. This is not entirely surprising news, […]

LBN_IRS Coinbase Court

Coinbase CEO Estimates Fighting IRS Summons In Court Costs Up To US$1m

Coinbase remains a prime target of investigation for the IRS regarding Bitcoin transaction being used to evade taxes and launder […]

Tithecoin to Help Make a Difference

Tithecoin = Supporting/investing in projects that fall between charity and pure commerce Tithecoin is an altcoin based on the state-of-the-art Counterparty platform, which in turn […]

LBN_Monero Bearish Trend

Monero Price Analysis – Bears Prevent Bulls From Pushing The Price Upwards

Monero successfully managed to hold onto its price point at the US$10.3 mark, even though it seemed likely XMR would […]

LBN_Qtum Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain

Qtum Raises US$1m To Combine The Best Parts of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ever since the Ethereum project came into being, many people have been comparing it to Bitcoin. However, both projects could […]

Bitcoin Mining ViaBTC

ViaBTC Is The Self-Proclaimed Best SPV Base Mining Pool For Bitcoin

Not too long ago, the ViaBTC Bitcoin mining pool received some negative attention due to them mining a growing amount […]

LBN_Monero Price Analysis

Monero Price Analysis – Going Below US$10 is Very Likely

The Monero market has undergone some rather negative changes over the past few days. Speculators had indicated a downtrend was […]

LBN_Bitcoin Promotion Mexico

New Bitcoin Promotional Effort Will Target Mexican Shop Owners In Tijuana

A large-scale Bitcoin effort will take place in Tijuana, Mexico next week. People who have been following the financial news […]

LBN_Bitcoin SegWit BU

SegWit And Bitcoin Unlimited Support Remains Equally Flat

It is evident Segregated Witness support is not advancing as most people would have liked to see me. Over the […]

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