MoneyTech’s Future of Mining ICO Makes It worth Participating

Cryptocurrency mining is a costly affair and only the ones with enough money to spend on state-of-the-art mining rigs stand […]

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Putting the Vibe on the Moon

The following article is penned by Viberate. The thing I’m often missing when reading whitepapers of numerous ICOs is the […]

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LBN Rothschild Bitcoin

Rothschild Corporation Files a US$210,000 Bitcoin Purchase Through Bitcoin Investment Fund

It is always interesting to see new faces pop up in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In most cases, […]

LBN Poloniex Site Issues

Poloniex Customer Support Issues Prevent User From Accessing Account for Over 2 Weeks

We have seen multiple cryptocurrency users complain about the Poloniex exchange in recent months. In most cases, those issues pertain […]

Bitconnect Coin Technical Analysis for 07/24/2017 – Ready to Tumble?

Bitconnect Coin gave back some of its recent gains to bitcoin as the latter drew support from the BIP 91 […]

LTCUSD Technical Analysis for 07/24/2017 – New Bullish Channel

LTCUSD broke out of its previous descending channel and is now starting a new bullish channel visible on its 1-hour […]

Gamecredits price analysis, GAME price analysis

Which Altcoins To Buy This Week (23rd of July, 2017)

The altcoins’ markets recovered last week, following the previous week’s bearish wave that pulled the price of multiple coins downwards […]

CCCoin, The Cryptocurrency for Maximum Social Impact

Often, in the pursuit of profit and money, the less fortunate are forgotten. In the world of crypto-currency the lack […]

LBN Litecoin Stuck Trezor

Using a Trezor Wallet can Help Unstuck Your Litecoin Transactions

Litecoin users may find themselves in a bit of an awkward position right now. Earlier this week, we saw a […]

LBN Bitcoin BCC ViaBTC

Is BCC Trading on ViaBTC Worth the Hassle?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on the user-activated hard fork and the BTCC token. Several exchanges are leaning […]

ViaBTC Exchange Enables BCC/CNY Trading Market to Support Possible BitcoinABC Fork

The whole Bitcoin world is keeping a close eye on BIP91. After all, most parties want to avoid a blockchain […]

LBN Toronto Litecoin ATMs

Toronto Gets its First Litecoin ATMs

Cryptocurrency ATMs are a great tool to get more people acquainted with digital currencies. To most consumers, signing up for […]

LBN Litecoin Spam Exchanges

Exchanges Suffer From Litecoin Network Spam but LTC Price Doesn’t Budge

The Litecoin network was disrupted yesterday afternoon due to a spam attack. Although that is rather unusual, it forced exchanges […]

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