Announces Launch in Early 2017 with New Fun Games

Bitcoin Games have never been better. is set to launch in early 2017. It will incorporate provably fair Bitcoin […]

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LBN_Bitcoin China

China’s Appetite For Bitcoin Seems Insatiable

China continues to show an increasing demand for bitcoin and cryptocurrency right now. Since the market opened today, the price […]

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LBN_Royal Canadian Mint Blockchain

Royal Canadian Mint To Enable Blockchain-based Bullion Trading Soon

Transferring gold over a blockchain is suddenly starting to gain more traction. The Royal Canadian Mint announced their plans to […]

LBN_Iran Fintech Regulation

Iran Prepares To Introduce New Fintech and Bitcoin Regulation Soon

Irna is not a country most people would think of when it comes to fintech and innovation. But the Iranian […]

LBN_Jared Kenna Bitcoin Loss SMS

SMS 2FA Is The Weak Link That Cost Jared Kenna A Lot of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is such a prime possession; criminals will actively look for new ways to ensure they can steal funds from […]

LBN_Philippines Bitcoin Remittance Regulation

Filipino Government Seeks To Introduce New Bitcoin Remittance Rules

Bitcoin has been a favorite remittance solutions for several developing nations over the past few years. Due to it slower […]

LBN_The Shadow Brokers Bitcoin

The Shadow Brokers Now Sell Their Hacked NSA Tools At Sharp Bitcoin Discounts

Bitcoin users may recall the auction by The Shadow Brokers, which was created to sell NSA “cyber weapons” in exchange […]

LBN_Bitcoin Mobile payments

Bitcoin Can Offer Global Mobile Payment Equality For Banked And Unbanked People Alike

The world we live in is filled with opportunities, which improves competition in virtually every segment one can think of. […]

LBN_BitGive GiveTrack Charity

LEOcoin to educate the government circles about cryptocurrency

LEOcoin is a digital currency, backed by a dedicated exchange which hopes to be more than a cryptocurrency platform, and thus are actively […]

LBN_Bullion BLockchain Euroclear

Euroclear’s Blockchain Solution Comes To The London Bullion market in 2017

For the longest time, a lot of people have been wondering when we would see some of the blockchain projects come […]

LBN_Ethereum Forums Hacked Forums Data Breach Affects 16,500 Users

The forums were breached by unknown assailants a few days ago. The Ethereum team was made aware of this […]

LBN_BitGive GiveTrack Charity

BitGive Launches GiveTrack Feature To Make Charity Spending More Transparent

Bitcoin has always been a favorable currency when dealing with donations and payments to charitable organizations. Due to its global […]

LBN_Cryptocurrency ICOs legality

Cryptocurrency ICOs Remain A Gray Area Where Legality is Concerned

It is evident cryptocurrency is quickly becoming the go-to gift for Christmas. Consumers are flocking to Bitcoin because it offers […]

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