LBN_Bitcoin Services Exemption

Several Bitcoin Activities And Services Should Be Exempt From Money Transmitter Requirements

Legislation in the Bitcoin world will always be a topic of substantial debate. US Congress seems to support the plans […]

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Bitcoin IRA Now Offers Special Bitcoin Investments for US Retirement Accounts

Bitcoin, the once vaguely known digital currency is now gaining mainstream adoption across the world. It has become the most […]

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Why PayPal Doesn’t Serve Deserving Markets; Bitcoin’s Entry

PayPal, an American online payments service provider, is denying to offer ts services to deserving and potent markets including the […]

IBM is All in on Blockchain; Criticisms From Bitcoin Experts

IBM, also known as International Businesses Machines Corporation, has announced their plans to adopt the blockchain technology and focus on […]

LBN_Ethereum Geth Code Borked

All Ethereum Geth Nodes Wiped Out Due To Out of Memory Bug

The Ethereum ecosystem had a rude awakening late last night when all network nodes started to fail and go offline. […]

Coinbase Adds Ethereum; Plans to Support Any Cryptocurrency With Potential

Coinbase, one of the largest Bitcoin wallet service providers and cryptocurrency trading platforms, has added support for Ethereum as a […]

LBN_Cracking Bitcoin Brainwallets

A Glimpse Into The World of Cracking Bitcoin Brainwallets

With the sheer number of Bitcoin wallets in existence, somebody is bound to try and hack a few of them […]

LBN_Barclays Blockchain Trade Finance

Barclays Claims To Have Completed The World’s First Blockchain Transaction In Trade Finance

Depending on whom one wants to believe, the world’s first trade transaction using blockchain technology may have been executed. Several […]


  • September 16, 2016 at 11:27 GMT

Digital Jersey has appointed the Digital Policy Adviser for the Government of Estonia, Siim Sikkut, as its newest Special Adviser. The […]

LBN_Bitcoin Ransomware FBI

FBI And Security Experts Are Fearful About The Future of Ransomware

Ransomware has become a significant threat to computer users all over the world. Criminals who develop these types of malware […]

Ripple Price Up 33%; Raises $55 Million From Banks

The market cap of Ripple surged by 33% today, after securing US$55 million from banks and major financial establishments. Ripple, […]

ItBit Rebrands, Shifts To Private Blockchain Development

ItBit, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the market, has officially announced its move towards private blockchain development, by […]

LBN_Glasshunt Bitcoin Double Spend

Glasshunt Offers Bitcoin Double Spending As-a-Service

Double spends have always been somewhat of a concern in the world of cryptocurrency. Albeit these types of attacks are […]

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