LBN Abra US Banks

Abra Strengthens Its Money Transfer Industry Position As Over 50 US Banks Are Now Supported

Ever since the Abra platform launched, bitcoin users have been quite curious to see how things will play out. Growing […]

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LBN XMR 1204

Monero Price Analysis – Market Behavior Serves As Solid Buy Signal

Yet another day of XMR trading is in the books, and it appears there have been some minor profits along […]

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LBN Blockchain Investment

Investing in Blockchain Technology Without Exposure to Cryptocurrency Volatility

A lot of people are looking to invest in blockchain technology. With so many startups around the world, the process […]

LBN Buffalo Judge Bitcoin Is Not Money

Buffalo Judge Rules Bitcoin Is A Commodity, Not Money

One of the many questions surrounding bitcoin that is rather difficult to answer is whether or not it is a […]

deanonymization of bitcoin users, bitcoin is anonymous, address clustering, blockchain analysis, clustering heuristics

Bitcoin Address Clustering (New Heuristics) – Part 1

Bitcoin address clustering is a process that attempts to de-anonymize bitcoin users via discovering all addresses generated by a single […]

LBN XMR 1104

Monero Price Analysis – Future Gains Are A Matter of Time

The Monero price has remained fairly stable over the past 24 hours, even though there was a large spike to […]

LBN Bitcoin UASF Support

Trezor And Other Bitcoin Companies Pledge Support For UASF Scaling Solution

It would appear bitcoin companies and service providers are starting to show support for the potential user-activated soft fork. Trezor […]

LBN Bitfinex USD Withdrawals

Bitfinex Customers Can Allegedly Not Withdraw Any Funds In US Dollars Right Now

A few days ago, the bitcoin world received a bit of a nasty surprise. To be more specific, Bitfinex has […]

IoT security, blockchain based IoT systems, decentralized cloud storage, multi-party computing

A Blockchain Based System For Management of Data Storage on the Internet of Things (IoT)

The cloud is currently playing a pivotal role in the storage, processing and distribution of data. Even though it has […]

LBN XMR 1004

Monero Price Analysis – Holding Was The Right Call

It would appear as if the Monero ecosystem is seeing a rather surprising turn of events in the price department […]

mine cryptocurrency, minergate, earn altcoins with PC

Altcoins See Their Value Go Up As They Inch Closer to Activating SegWit

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency trying to implement Segregated Witness these days. In fact, several alternative currencies have already […]


Cryptocurrency Investor Charlie Shrem Meets With Creditbit CEO

Things are advancing at an accelerated pace for the Creditbit project as of late. All of the team’s hard work […]

LBN Bitcoin Billboard

Sofia Crypto Meetup Launches Two-Week Bitcoin Billboard Campaign

Promoting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is of the utmost importance if we this trend is to gain any mainstream traction. […]

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