Miners At BTC.Com Earn Up To 9% More Due To Full Pay Per Share Model

Although there are so many different bitcoin mining pools out there, miners will choose the platform that gives them maximal […]

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Creditbit All Over Crypto Forums!

Creditbit with its recently launched revamped website and imminent migration is trending all over the crypto forums these days. CreditBit […]

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LBN Monero 0603

Monero Price Analysis – Flying Past US$15, Where WIll it End?

It looks like our previous Monero price prediction came true once again. As we had predicted, Monero would go back […]

LBN Blockchain Patents

Craig Wright Teams Up With Wanted Criminal Calvin Ayre For Blockchain Patent Venture

It has been a while since we last heard from Craig Wright, an infamous Australian computer scientist claiming to be […]

LBN Consumer Demand Bitcoin

Consumer Demand For Bitcoin Continues To Surge in China, US

Hardly anyone will be surprised to learn there has been another weekly bitcoin trading volume record across LocalBitcoins. Various regions […]

LBN XMR 0503

Monero Price Analysis – US$15 Per XMR Is A Viable Target

Things continue to evolve in the right direction for Monero, by the look of things. With the price not only […]

LBN Kim Dotcom Bitcoin Market Cap

Kim Dotcom Predicts Bitcoin Market Cap Will Grow To US$100bn By 2020

Kim Dotcom remains very positive regarding the future of bitcoin and its market cap. In a recent tweet, Dotcom stated […]

LBN BU Visa Payments

New Bitcoin Unlimited Service Accepts Visa Payments To Accelerate BTC Transactions

Bitcoin Unlimited supporters will go to great lengths to proclaim their scaling solution is the only one that matters. This […]

LBN Jihan Wu Empty Blocks

Bitcoin Unlimited Supporter Jihan Wu Confirms Bitmain Will Continue Mining Empty Blocks

Jihan Wu is generating a lot of buzz on Twitter once again, an albeit his comments are sparking substantial debate […]

LBN Boston Police Deanonymzie Tor

Boston Police Will Not Buy Software to Deanonymize Tor Users After All

Contrary to earlier reports, it now appears the Boston Police will not go ahead with their drastic Darknet plans. A […]

LBN XMR 0303

Monero Price Analysis – Sights Are Set On US$15 And Beyond

Another day of trading is in the books for Monero and things are looking better than ever. Compared to a […]

LBN Money Laundering no Bitcoin

DoJ Arrests Sixeteen People Involved In Non-Bitcoin Money Laundering Scams

Laundering money remains one of the most popular activities among criminals all over the world. Even though the chances of […]

LBN Ripple PathShuffle

Ripple Network Sees Its First Mixer In The Form of PathShuffle

Banks and other financial institutions all over the world are keeping a close eye on Ripple and its blockchain technology. […]

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