LBN Bitcoin Price Manipulation

Bitcoin Price Suffers as Behind-the-scenes Manipulation Intensifies

Bitcoin enthusiasts will have noticed the BTC prince took a significant hit over the past 24 hours. Although there is […]

LBN XMR 1503

Monero Price Analysis – Upward Momentum Can Push XMR To US$19

The past few hours have proven to be quite intense for Monero holders. Even though the value per XMR dipped […]

LBN XMR 2402

Monero Price Analysis – EUR and USD Markets Provide Some Relief

The past 24 hours have proven to be quite interesting for Monero and its community members. Although the altcoin failed […]

LBN_XMR 2102

Monero Price Analysis – Going Below US$12?

As we had expected, the Monero price went down even more compared to yesterday. Although the losses are slightly smaller […]

LBN_Monero 1402

Monero Price Analysis – US$13 Looms On The Horizon For XMR

Very little has changed for Monero over the past 24 hours, which can be a good thing, depending on how […]

Creditbit Announce Bounties for Promoters

Creditbit is an open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license which gives you the power to run, modify, […]

LBN_XMR 1202

Monero Price Analysis – Stability Above 0.015 BTC Seems Guaranteed For Now

Things are starting to look up for Monero once again, even though no one is certain how long this positive […]

LBN_XMR 0602

Monero Price Analysis – Dip Below 0.012 BTC To Materialize Soon?

Volatility is still present in the Monero market right now, even though the damage has been kept to a minimum. […]

LBN_Monero 2301

Monero Price Analysis – Stability or Accumulation?

Once again, very little has changed for Monroe in both the USD and BTC markets over the past 24 hours. […]

LBN_XMR Chart 2001

Monero Price Analysis – Flat Charts As Far As The Eye Can See

When things remain status quo in the cryptocurrency world, there is very little to talk about. Investors, speculators, and other […]

LBN_BItcoin Dominance Altcoins

Bitcoin’s Market Dominance Wanes Slightly As Lingering Issues Remain Adoption Hurdles

The Bitcoin network has seen significant growth over the past eight years. What started out as a niche project has […]

Bitcoin May Soon Have to Compete with Decred

Bitcoin, the well-known digital currency may soon have a competitor, that too created by the same guys who developed bitcoin. […] Decides to Pull out of NY Instead of Complying with BitLicense

  • June 12, 2015 at 1:30 GMT has decided to pull out of New York State instead of complying with BitLicense. The BitLicense introduced in New […]

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