LBN COinbase Gemini Bitcoin

Coinbase’s Lack of Customer Support Drives Bitcoin Traders To Gemini

It appears several bitcoin users are starting to move away from the Coinbase exchange all of a sudden. Albeit this […]

LBN SEC Bats Bitcoin ETF

Bats BXZ Exchange Files Petition To Review SEC’s Bitcoin ETF Rejection

Even though the cryptocurrency world was disappointed about the ETF rejection, it appears the fight is not over yet. Bats […]


Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Inch Closer To Resuming Withdrawals

It appears the Chinese bitcoin exchanges still have some work cut out for them. Even though things are set in […]

LBN Korbit Halts Lending

Korea’s Leading Bitcoin Exchange To Halt BTC/KRW Lending Services

Quite a few international bitcoin exchanges are dealing with big changes right now. Over in China, margin trading and lending […]

blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, bitcoin scalability

A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain – Are You Kidding Me?

Even though bitcoin has introduced a new concept of decentralized cryptocurrencies, the inevitable consolidation of mining into mining pools, that […]

LBN Bitcoin TX Fees Dropping

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Drop to 0.4 cents Per TX As Mempool is Virtually Empty

Even though most bitcoin users are focusing their attention on how the protocol should scale, it appears an interesting change […]

LBN China Bitcoin User Verification

PBoC Wants Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges To Verify All Users’ Identitites

It is anything but surprising to learn China continues to scrutinize bitcoin users. Despite the PBoC doing everything possible to […]

LBN Qtum Crowdsale Success

Qtum Raises US$12.2m In First 24 Hours of Crowdsale

The Qtum crowdsale has been well received so far, as investors have contributed a lot of money to ensure this […]

LBN European parliament Bitcoin Regulation

European Parliament Aiming To Deanonymize Cryptocurrency Will Bring Legitimacy to Bitcoin

It was only a matter of time until the European Union introduced new regulations related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A […]

LBN Running FUll Bitcoin node

Now Is A Good Time To Start Running A Full Bitcoin node

Scaling bitcoin remains a rather troublesome matter these days. In order to make headway in this department, it is important […]

LBN Bitcoin Exchanges Fake Volume

How Are Bitcoin Exchanges Capable of Faking Trading Volume?

A lot of people have suspected Chinese bitcoin exchanges successfully fake their trading volume these past few years. Up until […]

LBN Snapcard Shuts Down

Bitcoin Exchange and Wallet Service Snapcard Will Halt Operations On May 1st

Running a successful bitcoin business is not an easy task these days. Not only is it difficult to gain market […]

LBN_China PBoC Rules

Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Must Halt Margin Trading, Bitcoin Lending, And Futures Contracts

The People’s Bank of China has intervened in the bitcoin world over these past few weeks. To be more precise, […]

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