LBN Bullion Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies Overshadow Bullion as the go-to Risk Mitigation Investment

For as long as most people can remember, gold has been one of the safe haven assets. That is no […]

LBN_Bearish Gold Trend

Gold Market Sees Highest Capital Outflows in Three Years

Things are not looking all that great for people who invested a lot of money in gold throughout 2016. It […]

LBN_Royal Canadian Mint Blockchain

Royal Canadian Mint To Enable Blockchain-based Bullion Trading Soon

Transferring gold over a blockchain is suddenly starting to gain more traction. The Royal Canadian Mint announced their plans to […]

LBN_Bullion BLockchain Euroclear

Euroclear’s Blockchain Solution Comes To The London Bullion market in 2017

For the longest time, a lot of people have been wondering when we would see some of the blockchain projects come […]

LBN_The Royal Mint Digital Gold

The Royal Mint Will Issue-Blockchain-based Digital Gold In 2017

The Royal Mint is looking to pursue a rather innovative concept in the coming months. For the first time in […]

Gold Bullion Traders Agora dump credit cards for BTC for online payment

A move by Agora Commodities, a seller of gold bullion, to accept online payment only through bitcoin and remove credit […]

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