Why Goldman Sachs CEO is Open Minded Towards Bitcoin

In an interview with CNBC’s Kayla Tausche, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein stated that he is keeping an open mind […]

LBN Bullion Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies Overshadow Bullion as the go-to Risk Mitigation Investment

For as long as most people can remember, gold has been one of the safe haven assets. That is no […]

LBN Bitcoin Overtakes Gold Price

Bullish Investors Push Bitcoin’s Value Beyond Gold Price

Mainstream media outlets are scrambling to get articles out regarding the recent all-time high bitcoin price. Even though the market […]

LBN_Bearish Gold Trend

Gold Market Sees Highest Capital Outflows in Three Years

Things are not looking all that great for people who invested a lot of money in gold throughout 2016. It […]

LBN_Bitcoin Gold Near Parity

Bitcoin And Gold Near Parity Despite Bullish Trends For Both Assets

Ever since Bitcoin smashed through the US$1,000 barrier, people have been wondering if its value can surpass gold. To be […]

LBN_Bitcoin price Gold Ounce Value

Can Bitcoin’s Price Surpass The Value of One Gold Ounce?

With the recent bitcoin price surge, cryptocurrency speculators are making some very bold claims. If his price growth continues for […]

LBN_BItcoin Gold Asset

Has Bitcoin Overtaken Gold As The Top Valuable Asset?

Depending on whom you pose the question to, Bitcoin is becoming the new haven asset. While it remains to be […]

LBN_Financial Experts Are Useless

Financial Experts Got The Gold Price Surge Wrong, Still Advise People To Stay Away From Bitcoin

Financial experts predicted a surge in gold value if Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential elections. Fast forward to today, […]

LBN_India ATMs Depleted

Indian Bank ATMs Run Out of Cash Amid Illegal Rupee Controversy

People who have been paying close attention to the financial situation in India may have seen dark clouds forming overhead. […]

LBN_BItcoin Trading Brazil Gold

Bitcoin Trading Volume In Brazil Surpasses Gold Volumes

All correlations between Bitcoin and gold aside, cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of popularity in Brazil all of a sudden. […]


6 Out of Seven Years Bitcoin Is The Top Safe Haven Asset

Over the past year or more the global economy has had turbulent times within traditional markets. Some would attribute this […]


Brexit Vote Slings The Bitcoin Catapult

Yesterday markets were poised at a high prepared for the Brexit referendum vote that took place in the United Kingdom. […]

kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom Predicts Market Crash, Suggests Bitcoin and Gold

  • June 23, 2015 at 2:30 GMT

The leading proponent of privacy and bitcoin, Kim Dotcom has forecasted a market crash in the near future and has […]

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