LBN SEC ICO Regulation

SEC Still Struggles With the Concept of Regulating ICOs

The SEC still has a lot of concerns regarding initial coin offerings. Although no official regulation has been presented, it […]

LBN Stratis ICO Platform

Stratis Launches Public Test of Native ICO Platform

It is evident there will be a booming ICO industry in the future. The big question is whether or not […]


Cryptonetix ICO Hits Soft Cap Milestone – Adds Justin Jovanovic COO, investFeed, Inc. As ICO Crypto Community Advisor is a web-based investment application platform that incorporates methods such as Fibonacci, Harmonics, Elliott Wave, Price Action, AI and […]


The number of applications for tokens exceeds the supply by 5 times. How did Universa manage to blow up the cryptocurrency market again?

UTN tokens by Universa project have sparked enormous interest where they were offered as a part of inter-project token swap […]

LBN Confido ICO Scam

Confido ICO Turned Into a Scam as Developers Cash out

Cryptocurrency ICOs pose a very real threat to the overall ecosystem. It only takes one or two nefarious projects to […]


Universa rates as “Stable+”

Well-known specialized portal has prepared a comprehensive analysis of Universa token sale with a detailed study of its technical […]


The first blockchain gambling machine with unlimited bonuses announced platform announced the launch of production of SmartBox gambling machines working on Ethereum smart-contracts with the implementation of new […]


BioCoin ICO Goes Live on November 1, 2017

The market has been calling and LavkaLavka has taken notice. BioCoin, the blockchain-based loyalty program announced the launch of its […]


Crypterium’s ICO Totalled $7.5 Million In Just One Day

On the very first day of its ICO, Crypterium managed to sell its CRPT tokens for an impressive $7.5. This […]


ICO of Confideal Has Started! Time to contribute to success!

Confideal, a smart contract platform on Ethereum blockchain (, are excited to announce that their long-awaited ICO has started today […]

LBN SBI Cryptocurrency Plans

SBI Holdings Plans to Dominate Japan’s Cryptocurrency Landscape

No one can deny SBI Group has been a valuable addition to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the Japanese giant is […]

brickblock, smart contracts

Brickblock Is Changing the Investment Industry One Brickblock Token at a Time

Whether you’re a novice or crypto expert, you already know that this industry is growing substantially.  Even though it is […]

Blockchain Asset Fund, BAF, cryptocurrency, token sale

Community Driven Blockchain Asset Fund Announces BAF Token Sale

  • October 22, 2017 at 10:23 GMT

The cryptocurrency industry has in the recent days, broken all the past records. The rapid growth in value of the […]

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