It is recently revealed that one of the two corrupt federal agents involved in Silk Road investigation was attempting to invest in bitcoin related businesses. Carl Force, who was part of the multi-agency task force involved in investigation of Silk Road and its creator Ross Ulbricht had allegedly approached the founder of GoldSilverBitcoin to be part of the company.

Justin O’Conell has written about his brief communications with the tainted cop on the website, Motherboard. According to Justin, the communication started after Carl Force ordered some jewelry from his site. Justin apparently received a message from Carl Force, who was then working with the Drug Enforcement Agency expressing his desire to be part of the company.

According to him, Carl Force mentioned in one of the communications that he is soon going to quit his job at the agency and he in interested to invest in GoldSilverBitcoin. Carl is said to have stated that he is interested in taking up the responsibility of Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance sections of the business. He is also said to have mentioned about his bitcoin stash which he said will be investing in the company. When asked about how he managed to get so many bitcoins, he is believed to have said that he had bought them when the price was low.

The exchange of emails along with a copy of his CV were also published on the same post. Force is currently serving an 87-month sentence is an US Federal Prison after he confessed about his involvement in extortion, obstruction of justice and money laundering.

Shaun W Bridges, a Secret Service agent is also serving a sentence on similar charges after he pleaded guilty of extortion and money laundering.

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