The TRON project continues to attract a lot of attention. After successfully acquiring BitTorrent Inc, the blockchain project is moving further ahead. Acquiring the domain is a very important milestone for this team. It will serve a new purpose for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Another Acquisition for TRON

Advancing the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is a multi-year process. For TRON, their vision is to decentralize the internet as people know it today. A lot of services are currently centralized and can benefit from newer technologies. The project’s acquisition of BitTorrent Inc is an important first step in achieving that big goal.

Earlier this week, TRON acquired the domain name. This is an iconic name and extension and will score very high in the search engine results. Instead of turning it into a TRON hub, the domain will offer many different services. As a data aggregator and search engine, the revamped domain will be completely blockchain-oriented.

Big data plays an increasing role of importance in the technology industry. will offer big data analysis pertaining to the distributed ledger industry. What that will entail exactly, has yet to be determined. Aggregating up-to-date information from different reliable sources is always a big challenge.

Another Acquisition for TRON

Improving the Blockchain Landscape

It is evident all blockchain projects need to keep evolving. Collecting valuable feedback from the community and catering to tits wishes is the number one priority. TRON aims to do exactly that through its newly acquired platform. Properly analyzing the messages community members attempt to convey can lead to new innovative developments.

Blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development. Hundreds of projects are competing for market traction. Most of those ventures will ultimately fail, which is only to be expected in the technology sector. Whether or not TRON will fall into this category, remains to be seen.

This new acquisition is also beneficial to blockchain enthusiasts. By aggregating the news, users will be properly informed about new and ongoing projects in the industry. These days, there is still a lack of proper understanding of how the technology works and what it can be used for. Slowly but surely that situation is changing in a positive manner.

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