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BitherCash: An Altcoin with a Difference


With the myriad of ICOs being launched every few days, investors are now fed up with the run of the mill altcoins that are simply replicas of each other. They lack creativity. Investors are now looking for ICOs that offer a unique proposition that is not based on the same overused technology. Enter BitherCash coin.

Unlike most of the altcoins that rely on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, BitherCash coin is based on a proprietary blockchain that is an amalgamation of both the proof-of-work and the proof-of-stake algorithm. The blockchain has a lot in common with the Bitcoin Core but with several changes to adopt some features of proof-of-work. The blockchain has been written in Script language. As a result, many of the Bitcoin advantages are present in BitherCash.

Apart from a solid architecture, BitherCash Coin has attractive features. The blockchain is completely decentralized to allow the platform users to have access to the transaction blocks. This prevents any case of internal fraud that plague most centralized platforms. Additionally, the ledger is encrypted and synchronized across all devices on the platform. As a result, everyone has a record of the transaction. It provides the first true notion of a personal bank for users.

Bithercash is a Pure Lending Platform

Security is also an important consideration for the platform. BitherCash Coin provides unparalleled security to users on the platform by using pseudonyms to mask the identities of the users and encrypting information to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information. Additional features like KYC and AML will be added in line with the regulatory measures being added in European and North American countries.

The blockchain has been designed to provide the world a platform where payment processing has been streamlined, and peer-to-peer remittance has been made as easy as possible. This has been achieved by using API clusters that allow low latency transfer. This means that the platform supports high speed and high-volume transfer of coins. These features are expected to endear it to the cryptocurrency community.

Investors will also be able to make money in a variety of ways on the platform. They can make money by trading BitherCash Coin with other cryptocurrencies on major exchanges. This offers decent margins for cryptocurrency traders. The robustness of the platform means that there is little likelihood of collapse. Another avenue investors can make money is by holding BitherCash Coin until it appreciates. Most proof-of-work platforms tend to appreciate in value. As a result, investors can simply buy BitherCash coins and wait until it appreciates. Finally, they can make money by staking the coin. Since it has elements of the Proof-of-Stake architecture, investors can lend the coin and wait while it appreciates.

BitherCash Coin is a truly unique proposition in a market where most altcoins are relatively the same. As a result, it is expected to attract the attention of many serious investors. The Pre-ICO is expected to start on November 28th, 2017. Investors can make a decent profit by buying coins at discounted prices during the ICO. There will also be a 45-day ICO starting December 5th, 2017. If you are an interested party, you can create a wallet and take part in the Pre-ICO and ICO by visiting the website. bithercash.com

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