bitcoin anonymity, blockchain analysis, chain analysis

Is It Possible To De-anonymize 100% of Bitcoin’s Transactions?

Even though bitcoin was initially thought of as a totally anonymous cruptocurrency, blockchain analysis and internet traffic tracing have made […]

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LBN XMR 2403

Monero Price Analysis – US$22 Is A Viable Target

The past 24 hours have been rather disappointing for Monero users once again, depending on how you want to look […]

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bitcoin mining, mining pools, pooling strategies

Socially Optimal Bitcoin Mining Pools

Mining bitcoin is a rather risky, high rewarding, process. Miners collaborate within the context of the so-called bitcoin mining pools, […]

LBN COinbase Gemini Bitcoin

Coinbase’s Lack of Customer Support Drives Bitcoin Traders To Gemini

It appears several bitcoin users are starting to move away from the Coinbase exchange all of a sudden. Albeit this […]

LBN Schnorr Signatures

Bitcoin Core Roadmap Hints at Schnorr Signatures To Reduce Blockchain Size

Even though there is a ton of focus on Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin unlimited right now, there are other things […]

Internet of Coins Announces Hybrid Token Crowdsale

Internet of Coins announced the launch of their crowdfund on March 21, 2017. Internet of Coins is an environment for […]

LBN XMR 2303

Monero Price Analysis – Fiat Trading Volume is Drying Up Quickly

Monero holders will be dealing with a mix of emotions right now. On the one hand, the value per XMR […]

LBN SEC Bats Bitcoin ETF

Bats BXZ Exchange Files Petition To Review SEC’s Bitcoin ETF Rejection

Even though the cryptocurrency world was disappointed about the ETF rejection, it appears the fight is not over yet. Bats […]


Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Inch Closer To Resuming Withdrawals

It appears the Chinese bitcoin exchanges still have some work cut out for them. Even though things are set in […]

Bitcoin in China, BTCRMB, Bitcoin Yuan price, bitcoin and Yuan

Price Discovery & Volatility Transmission Between the Chinese and US Bitcoin Markets

Even though the utilization of bitcoin is not popular enough to impose considerable impact on the global mainstream economy, as […]

generate bitcoin, gridcoin, get bitcoin with PC

2 Unusual Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency Using Just Your Laptop or PC

Cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, have created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Even more, millions of individuals all over the world are currently […]

LBN XMR 2203

Monero Price Analysis – Lots of Action But No Major Changes

The Monero charts are not looking all that great right now. Many XMR traders will be disappointed to learn Monero […]

LBN Bitcoin Unlimited Private Binaries

Private Repository Binary Update for Bitcoin Unlimited Causes Quite A Stir

It looks like there is yet another ongoing debate between Bitcoin Core and BU supporters. The Bitcoin Unlimited developers released […]

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