CreditBit Wraps Up Discussion about Creditbit Token Ecosystem

Creditbit, the MIT/X11 licensed cryptocurrency project, updated the community about the remaining topics of the CreditBit Decentralized Autonomous Organization (CreditDAO) […]

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LBN_XMR 2702

Monero Price Analysis – Trading Volumes Are Shrinking

It would appear Monero is still holding onto its US$12 price for the time being, even though the market continues […]

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LBN CANOE Bitcoin Unlimited

CANOE Pool Is Not Staring Blind On Bitcoin Unlimited, Will Consider Supporting Other Scaling Solutions

A little bit more information has come to light regarding the recently launched CANOE bitcoin mining pool. Considering this platform […]

LBN_Bitcoin Trading Volume LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins Trading Volume Reaches All-time High in China and Europe

Bitcoin adoption continues to thrive in the areas one would somewhat expect it. Based on the recent LocalBitcoins chart, is […]

LBN XMR 2602

Monero Price Analysis – Heading Below 0.01 BTC Soon

It appears the downward trend for Monero is not over just yet. With the value taking a hit in both […]

LBN Scaling Bitcoin Segwit Unlimited

SegWit Support Surpasses 27% Again as Bitcoin Unlimited Drops To 16%

When it comes to making bitcoin scale in the future, the jury is still on as to which concept will […]

LBN Project Orb Blockchain Diecast

Blockchain Gaming Platform Project ORB Welcomes Diecast As Latest Partner

Issuing tradeable digital assets on the blockchain makes perfect sense. When Spells of Genesis came up with this concept, the […]

LBN Bitcoin Will Not Die

Bitcoin Will Not “Die Already” Even Though Uneducated Journalists Want It To

Some mainstream media outlets seem to have a hard time accepting bitcoin will not go away anytime soon.Gizmodo posted a […]

LBN China RMBCoin

PBoC Hastily Confirms RMBCoin Plans As Bitcoin Reaches New All-time High Value

Ever since bitcoin’s price set a new all-time high, people have been wondering what news would be spread to push […]

LBN XMR 2402

Monero Price Analysis – EUR and USD Markets Provide Some Relief

The past 24 hours have proven to be quite interesting for Monero and its community members. Although the altcoin failed […]

LBN Bitcoin Overtakes Gold Price

Bullish Investors Push Bitcoin’s Value Beyond Gold Price

Mainstream media outlets are scrambling to get articles out regarding the recent all-time high bitcoin price. Even though the market […]

LBN India Bitcoin Summit

India To Host National Summit On The Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain

The country of India has been on the fence about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a while. Whereas the idea […]

LBN Monero 2302

Monero Price Analysis – Rebound To US$13 Is Imminent

Things are looking up again for Monero, as the price is starting to show signs of recovery. Although we are […]

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