It has been a busy start to the year at NAC Foundation LLC, the company that created the AML BitCoin, the world’s only patent-pending digital currency with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer protocols integrated into the currency’s code. On January 12, 2018, the CEO of NAC Foundation LLC, Marcus Andrade, made two important announcements. First, he declared the start of the third and final stage of the project’s token sale. He also went on to reveal that the AML BitCoin has been approved for a new trading symbol, ABTC.

These announcements came on the heels of news reports that interest in AML BitCoin tokens has skyrocketed among buyers in countries around the world over the past few days. The countries mentioned specifically included Japan, South Korea, and Germany, where the upsurge in purchase requests has been particularly noteworthy. “More and more governments worldwide are expressing their uneasiness with the possibility of terrorists and criminals using untraceable digital currencies to finance and facilitate their activity,” says Mr. Andrade. “The anti-money laundering and KYC-compliant properties of our digital currency have led to more and more people recognizing the advantages of our product.”

During the third phase of the token sale, 40,000,000 tokens will be made available for $1.50 per token. This will be the last time the tokens are offered at a discount. After phase three is complete, all tokens will be traded at their market value. When describing the third phase of the ICO, Mr. Andrade had the following to say: “The last batch of tokens to be sold directly to coin buyers via the initial coin offering will be released by the NAC Foundation on January 15th. After this, you will only be able to obtain AML BitCoin tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as HitBTC.” You can take part in the ICO at

The second announcement of the CEO of NAC Foundation had to do with the digital currency’s trading symbol. Mr. Andrade mentioned that the currency had been approved for the new trading symbol ABTC. He stated that this change was brought on by the need to distinguish AML BitCoin from other cryptocurrencies, while underscoring its ties to the traditional digital currency. “We feel that this is a positive and necessary change that will facilitate the global recognition and use of our currency.”

About NAC Foundation

The NAC Foundation is a US-based organization engaged in the development of blockchain technology and digital currencies. Its main objective is to raise awareness of the use of regulated digital currencies and blockchain as a way to increase trust in digital financial products and to contribute to economic development through online commerce. It is the creator of the AML BitCoin. AML BitCoin is compliant with all major national security and financial protection laws and regulations, including the USA PATRIOT Act and the Bank Secrecy Act. For more information, please visit and


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