VOISE Outlines Future Development Plans in Updated Roadmap and Whitepaper

VOISE is a decentralized music platform that aims to monetize independent artists by giving them 100% of the revenue. The […]

Players Can Now Use SkinCoins on

After breaking of the news that SkinCoins are now being accepted by one of the most popular eSports Bookmaker Services, […]

How Bitcoin Is Transforming the Multibillion Dollar Online Gambling Industry

The advent of the internet age has raised many issues around online privacy and given cause to several groups to […]

The biggest network of entrepreneurs announces the own blockchain platform – digital reputation and the account on blockchain. On June, 22 as a part of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference […]


From the founder of Huiyin Blockchain Venture comes the latest innovation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem – Exchange Union Coin [XUC] […]


KoCurrency Platform Offers Insights into Learning Cryptocurrency Trading

KoCurrency, the Bitcoin trading signals platform, currently in the process of raising funds through an ICO has achieved a lot […]

Digital Developers Fund’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Starts Monday, July 10th

DDF will raise investment funds using an Ethereum-based token sale. In the upcoming token sale, DDF is targeting sale proceeds […]


Blockchain the Way Forward for the Booming Skin Trade Industry

Millions of gamers currently face issues like loss of real-money when dealing with third party websites for skin trades. This […]

Everything You Would Want to know About Crowdvouching

Crowdvouching is an interesting new concept being pioneered by Suretly, a New York-based financing start-up. The initiative being termed as […]

Droplex ICO – ultra secure Blockchain

Droplex has announced a crowdsale to fund the future development of a new highly secured blockchain. The pre-sale is available […]

The Number One Way Billionaires Get Rich (And how you can too!)

Ever wonder how most of these millionaires and billionaires got so rich? The answer’s simple.  Take a look at Mark […]

The Secret to Becoming a Crypto Millionaire

Are you a crypto millionaire? If so, you probably bought into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum very early. Early cryptocurrency […]

How to Profit off “The Flippening”

There has never been a more exciting time in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin investors have seen their investments grow from […]

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