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CNBC Survey: Chief Financial Officers Say Bitcoin is ‘Real but in a Bubble’

A survey conducted by CNBC has found that while global finance bosses think bitcoin is real many believe it’s in […]

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ECB President: Digital Currencies Don’t Pose a Threat to the European Central Bank

The president of the European Central Bank (ECB) has said that digital currencies don’t pose a threat to it despite […]

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Bitcoin Soars to $8,200 in New All-Time High, Up More than 700% This Year

Bitcoin had once again rallied to new heights after the digital currency achieved a new all-time record high of $8,200 […]

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Morgan Stanley CEO: Bitcoin is ‘Punching Above its Weight’

The chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley has said that anyone who thinks bitcoin is a stable investment is ‘deluding […]

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Bitcoin is a ‘Ponzi Scheme’, Says Asian Banking Giant DBS

One of Asia’s largest banks has come out and criticised bitcoin, calling the digital currency a ‘ponzi scheme,’ making it […]

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BlackRock CEO: Bitcoin is Doing So Well because it’s ‘Anonymous’

The CEO of BlackRock has made the claim that the only reason bitcoin has become so successful is because of […]


UK Hedge Fund to Add Cryptocurrencies if CME Launches Bitcoin Futures

The CEO of a major British hedge fund is considering stepping into the digital currency space, pending the launch of […]

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Bart Chilton Doesn’t Think Bitcoin Is a Fraud, Believes It’s Sustainable

Former U.S. Trading Commissioner Bart Chilton has said that bitcoin isn’t a fraud, but that it’s a sustainable currency. His comments […]

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Iran Central Bank to Study Bitcoin and its Risks to the Market

The Central Bank of Iran has said that it is to study all aspects of bitcoin due to the high […]

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Latium Founder: ‘We Are At the Start of the Cryptocurrency Revolution’

The founder of cryptocurrency platform Latium has said that market is just beginning its revolution as it steadily continues to dominate […]

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Bitcoin Drops from $7,800 to $5,500, Rebounds to $6,500

The price of bitcoin crashed by 29 percent over a four-day period after plans to upgrade its underlying technology were […]

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Citigroup’s CEO Thinks Governments Will Issue State-Sponsored Digital Currencies

The CEO of Citigroup has said that governments will have to issue their own state-sponsored digital currencies to prevent bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High Near $7,800 as SegWit2x is ‘Suspended’

The bitcoin price reached a new all-time high of $7,776 after it was reported that the organisers of the controversial […]

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