The market has been calling and LavkaLavka has taken notice. BioCoin, the blockchain-based loyalty program announced the launch of its ICO round of token sale, beginning November 1st. The ICO will act as a preliminary roadmap designed to set the foundation for an international blockchain-based loyalty platform. LavkaLavka is rigorously pursuing its plans to enhance comprehensive social reforms that will support communities and green business through BioCoin.

BioCoin will be the first ICO to be hosted by the first official Russian cryptocurrency platform, Voskhod. This means that Russian investors will now be able to participate in the crowdsale following the recent policy on blockchain and cryptocurrencies adopted by the Russian government. This will be the first sale to be held in compliance with the laws on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. BioCoin’s own CEO has been selected to head the ICO department at the Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (RABAC).

“We are excited to hold the very first legal ICO in Russia. Our blockchain platform has already drawn interest of wide audiences, including Prime Minister Medvedev, who attended our presentation. We have secured legal support from Elina Sidorenko, the head of the Russian parliament’s interdepartmental working group on cryptocurrencies. On the advisory board we have Michael Shlypanikob, the figurehead behind blockchainization of Russian eco-farming and SibCoin’s team, who created a wildly successful Russian cryptocurrency, which in the last two years increased in price times 200.” – says Boris Akimov, BioCoin’s CEO

The BioCoin platform acts on a vision to create a bustling ecosystem that supports local communities and green businesses. The idea is conceptual: creating a network of socially responsible companies all over the world in a bid to accelerate global adoption of organic agriculture, enhancing sustainable development and promoting responsible consumption. The platform is a broad canvas of goals fueled by its own token-based reward system.

Through BioCoin, organic food retailers will return value right back into their communities via a system of rewards and discounts. BioCoin is building a global system where consumers from around the world can support local farmers and organic food retailers. LavkaLavka, the company behind BioCoin has already built an international farmers cooperative backed by tens of thousands of farmers, consumers, and retailers. According to LavkaLavka, the number of BioCoins in circulation today stands at 20 million.

BioCoin’s presale was a success with well over $3 million raised. The amount covered a formidable portion of the token sale’s overall goal of $15 million.

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