South Africa can quickly become a major Bitcoin mining hub. It is a country where cheaper electricity is plentiful and Bitcoin isn’t opposed by the government that much. As such, Bitmart opened its Bitcoin mining hardware store in the country. They will supply mining hardware in South Africa. They sell ASICs, GPU miners, and other hardware and software. Moreover, they sell some merchandise related to various cryptocurrencies.

It is always interesting to see stores sell Bitcoin mining hardware. It is such an unusual trend people often think such a venture simply can’t work. In South Africa, that situation may prove to be very different. More specifically, Bitmart feels there will be a genuine demand for their hardware and software services. As such, they are now active as a physical store in South Africa. With a lot of interesting equipment being sold, it remains to be seen how the people on the street will respond.

Bitmart Opens a Physical Store

Establishing a cryptocurrency hub in South Africa will not be easy. Even though there is no official Bitcoin opposition in the country, the general interest remains rather low. With this new store, the situation may come to change in the near future. With a variety of hardware and merchandise waiting to be purchased, the company embarks on a rather interesting mission. Bitmart’s physical stole accepts fiat currency, cash, EFT, credit cards, and payments in cryptocurrency. Among the supported currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Whether or not Bitmart will be successful in this regard, remains to be seen. While there is a lot of positive momentum in the cryptocurrency world, it won’t necessarily translate to sales. It’s good to see Bitmart not just focus on hardware sales, though. Rather than target individual enthusiasts, they are also catering to new entrepreneurs. It will be interesting to see how this affects the cryptocurrency ecosystem in South Africa as a whole.

While it is good to see such ventures come to fruition, it remains to be seen if this sets an interesting precedent. While we see a global interest in Bitcoin hardware as of late, not every country will be open-minded to such stores.  South Africa is an interesting region in this regard, though. They are hardly ever mentioned in relation to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This only makes the choice by Bitmart all of the more intriguing.

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