Many people use the wallet service for Bitcoin. This company has been around for several years now, and they offer both web and mobile solutions. Additionally, there is also a .onion address for this service, which can be accessed through the Tor browser. But it seems like all of these offerings by are collapsing under their own weight.

Everyone who has used the wallet service on any device will have run into a small outage at some point. The block explorer offered by this company, which has become the default transaction checking tool, regularly shows error messages when trying to access it. Most of these errors stem forth from “resource limits” being exceeded. Is Unreliable At Times

Although this is only a minor annoyance desktop users, the problems are not confined to the web version, unfortunately. also offers a mobile wallet and a web wallet, both of which are directly linked to the same resources being exceeded. If the company is dealing with an overload or an outage, users can’t even access their own funds. While this applies to all Bitcoin web wallets in existence, seems to have the most issues with keeping their service up and running.

But that is not all, as the company’s .onion service is suffering from the same problems. A new post appeared on Reddit earlier today, indicating how the Tor-accessible version of had reached its resource capacity as well. It is apparent the company will need to increase its server capacity by quite a margin before things get out of hand even further.

There are multiple complaints to be found about this company. Things seem to have gotten progressively worse over the past few years, and there is no solution in sight. Some Reddit users are even wondering how is still a popular service, given their unreliable status as of late.

It is commendable to see offer a .onion address to its users, though. We can only hope to see more wallet providers do so in the foreseeable future. But without proper computation resources, none of these services are even remotely viable. needs to address these issues sooner than later, as it is becoming an even bigger annoyance for a lot of people.

Source: Reddit

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