Coinsource is a company seeing tremendous success in their quest to deploy Bitcoin ATM networks. Not only will these machines help boost Bitcoin adoption; they also provide a convenient way to convert cash into an asset no government or bank can control. Several new ATMs have been deployed in the San Antonio area, which is becoming the new frontier for Bitcoin adoption, by the look of things.

San Antonio Has Several Bitcoin ATMs

The name Coinsource has become synonymous with Bitcoin ATM networks, mostly across the United States. The company is based in Northern Texas, and they want to bring Bitcoin to as many consumers and businesses as possible. With devices looking like traditional bank ATMs, the convenience factor is established immediately.

In their latest effort, the company deployed several Bitcoin ATMs throughout the San Antonio area. In doing so, they increased their presence to 14 different Bitcoin teller machines in the state of Texas, which is quite an increase compared to a few months ago. Three new devices installed in quick succession seem to indicate Texas is warming up to cryptocurrency.

Looking at the bigger picture, Coinsource is currently operating 67 machines in operation. More importantly, these devices are spread out over eight different US states, ranging from California to New York. More expansion is planned over the coming years, although this is a process that should not be rushed by any means.

As is usually the case with Coinsource machines, all hardware is manufactured by Genesis Coin. Through Coinsource’s network and distribution, the manufacturer continues to expand its presence in the American market. For now, San Antonio ATMs can only be used to purchase cryptocurrency, but that situation may change in the future.

Do keep in mind buying Bitcoin from an ATM always comes with a small premium percentage. In the case of these new Texan Bitcoin teller machines, the premium price is 7% on top of the global market average. Some people may see this as a steep margin, but the sheer convenience of inserting cash and receiving Bitcoin has its price.

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