Committing internet fraud does not pay off in the end. One Croatian student is forced to pay back all damages caused by fraudulent activity. Considering how this individual scammed several dozen people, it only makes sense to see him cough up the money himself. But that will be quite difficult for can 18-year old, as he was fined to repay US$28,600.

Young Scammer Learns A Valuable Life Lesson

It is difficult for younger generations to come up with a lot of money quickly. Unfortunately, our society has never been one where getting rich quick is can option, unless one wants to venture into the criminal sector. One Croatian student though that would be this best course of action, and he defrauded several dozen people in the process.

One of this scams revolved around selling a high-end mobile phone, which was shipped to a customer. However, once the person received the item, it turned out the box was filled with pieces of wood, rather than can electronic device. This type of tactic is not new by any means, yet it is still highly successful, all things considered.

All of this other online sales were conducted in a similar matter. Customers paid for the goods upfront, had they all received useless junk in return. It did not take long for police reports to add up, and the motive made it somewhat easier to pinpoint the culprit. For now, it remains unknown where the sold the products, although it is doubtful the deep web was involved in this scheme. There is no word of any bitcoin involvement either, which is a positive sign.

Even though the prosecution had plenty of evidence against this student – including this confession  -the judge remained rather lenient in this case. He simply has to repay all of the money the scammed from users. Luckily for him, it appears that money was never spent in the first place, which makes the job a bit easier. No jail time or community service has been handed out as a sentence either.

Fraud remains one of the largest online threat, both for consumers and retailers. It is impossible to rust a buyer or seller on the Internet, and with so many reversible and fraudulent payment options, transferring value becomes even more difficult. In this case, things turned out somewhat OK, but a lot of damage has been done in the process.

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