Bitcoin ATMs are an integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These machines can be found all over the world. Thousands of such Bitcoin ATMs are spread out all over the world. General Bytes has recently installed 10 additional machines in the Prague subway.

Europe isn’t necessarily a major region for cryptocurrency activity That situation is improving ever so slowly. Major companies are setting up shop in Malta and Switzerland. Even so, other countries need to do something to become more appealing. The city of Prague is undergoing some major changes which can benefit overall cryptocurrency adoption in the future.

Bitcoin ATMs Take Over Prague

With 10 new Bitcoin ATMs in the Prague subway, an interesting situation ensues. This is one of the world’s busiest metros to date. With foot traffic of 1,2 million pedestrians per day, a lot of people will see these Bitcoin ATMs in the coming months. All of the popular stops now have an ATM, which should improve local interest in cryptocurrency.

Thanks to this latest move, the Czech Republic is quickly becoming a big Bitcoin ATM nation in Europe. With 46 teller machines across the country, the situation is improving rapidly. It is worth mentioning 34 of those machines are found in the city of Prague. Even so, it is a smart decision by General Bytes to continually expand its presence in its home country.

It is evident the cryptocurrency industry needs to grow. Getting more people excited about Bitcoin is very difficult. Especially with the market volatility this year, the situation has not improved all that much. General Bytes is looking to make a positive impact in this regard. More Bitcoin ATMs equals more cryptocurrency exposure, which is a good thing.

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