A server attack has allegedly prompted an Indian Bitcoin exchange to look for new management team.

BitQuick, as the exchange is titled, was launched in 2013, and — until the aforesaid announcement — offered Bitcoin trading services throughout India, Taiwan, Europe and the US. Just recently, it allegedly came across a security breach on its platform that put customers funds to risks. In response to the said attack, BitQuick shutdown its systems to prevent potential damages. The exchange now claims that none of the customers’ funds were taken, but has willfully volunteered to discontinue its services — once for all.

BitQuick said in its notice:

“Completely separate from this event, BitQuick has been engaged in the search for new management due to personal reasons for the current team […] If this is a project that you or someone that you know would be interested in pursuing, please let us know. We’re looking for passionate and talented individuals or corporations to take ownership and continue growth with the same high standards we’ve always provided for our users.”

Bitcoin Withdrawals Underway

BitQuick meanwhile stated that it is already investigating the attack vector’s whereabouts — to further understand what information was stolen from its database. The exchange stressed that they won’t restore services until their systems are 100% audited for any kind of security loopholes. It promised to resume its Bitcoin trading services within 2-4 weeks.

“Until then, we will continue working as hard as we can to restore safe service access. We really appreciate the support from everyone, and we will be back soon,” the company added before placing the notice’s final punctuation mark.

The funds of BitQuick’s customers are available to be withdrawn. The exchange claims that it has processed all the orders, and only 3% of the funds are lying unclaimed in its wallet. Customers can reach BitQuick at orders@bitquick.co for further support.

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