Hush’s ambition is to create the first regulated, participative and tokenized model for simplified services so that users cans use their money in FIAT and/or crypto-currencies.

Hush is a neobank that has been thought and created by Éric Charpentier, ex-founder of Morning which is also a neobank.

In order to rethink and reinvent the mutualism banking model combined with a mobile and decentralized environment, he is now working with a small which its members have skills in the banking regulation area and in crypto-currencies.

« The increased usage of crypto-currencies, especially the Initial Coin Offerings (raising money through tokens), opens new perspectives in order to transform the traditional banking model, supported by users’ community which will allow to innovate as well as ensure a longlasting economical independence », states Éric Charpentier (CEO of Hush).

« Our aim is to federate an active community of users with a double objective:
– Offering to well informed users concerning the crypto environment, a regulated model in order to develop a daily utilization of crypto-currencies/euro;
– Opening new perspectives to the inexperienced users about the crypto-currencies sector as well as enjoying an innovating mobile bank service using FIAT ».

In addition, today, many banks block transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges, preventing cryptocurrency users from freely using their cryptocurrency money. That’s why Hush wants to be a native NeoBank to understand and meet the expectations of cryptocurrency users.

Indeed, Hush’s approach will be practical, rational and educational. after applying for the Payment Institution authorization, Hush will propose several functionalities in accordance with users expectations with our Premium model, and particularly:
– Opening accounts by invitation or sponsoring programs with the users’ initiative;
– a Premium payment card including a reinforced security and an innovating usage ;
– A crypto wallet in order to safely manage user’s investments;
– an instantaneous conversion service of crypto-currencies with the possibility for the
users to spend their money whenever they want to;
– Proposition of proactive insurances;
– An account project for users so that they can finance and realize their project and fix
objectives for themselves.

For Hush, the ICO’s strategy is to guaranty for its users a stable fund management and to provide a financial independence.

Hush has the ambition to organise a collective and decentralized governance model for users, and to federate a community with strong convictions and be opened to the crypto-currencies. The token USH, created as an instrument of values, is the key point of these objectives.

Our unique economic model with this token USH enrolls these long term objectives.

These USH tokens will provide several services to the holders:
-a participative and contributive voice in this project
-a payment method proposed by Hush, in which paying a Hush service with USH Token brings a 50% reduction on commissions.
-a reward tool thanks to a loyalty and engagement program: Hush Ambassador
-a reward of the contributive activity and the use of Hush services in order to redistribute
USH Tokens to the most active users in Hush’s Ambassador program.

To define this token, Hush has been assisted by well known experts from Deloitte France and

The tokens sale will start next 22nd January 2018 at the occasion of the launching of the PreICO. The eligible payments could be realized in Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and by payment card in order to allow an important number of participants to build a neobank community.

Despite our issuance of 60,000,00.00 USH tokens, its objective is reasonable with a hardcap of 10M€. This amount will provide the ressources needed to develop our activities and offer better perspectives for the investors.

With this ICO, Hush should bring the two sectors closer with a regulated banking offer which will include the crypto-currencies in order to imagine the future decentralized banking model.

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