Things are getting quite interesting for Litecoin, to say the least. The currency is hitting its stride as we speak, by the look of things. Moreover, multiple exchanges are generating high trading volumes for LTC right now.  One of the biggest changes comes in the form of seeing LTC added to Yahoo Finance. This means anyone relying on that service can check the LTC price at any given time.

Making more people aware of Litecoin and other currencies is not all that easy. So far, those efforts have proven to be mostly in vain. That doesn’t mean major service providers aren’t paying attention to what is going on, though. More specifically, Yahoo Finance recently introduced a Litecoin price ticker on that their platform. This further validates the position Litecoin has in the world of cryptocurrency. After all, there is much more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Yahoo Finance Enables a Litecoin Price Ticker

Whether or not this will bring more positive attention to Litecoin as a whole, remains to be seen. There is a strong positive trend for LTC as we speak. However, this momentum has not translated into any major price gains. Especially now that Bitcoin is tanking quite hard, there will be no major price gains on the charts of any cryptocurrency. Even if they noted gains, their fiat currency value would still go down by quite a margin.  

It is quite interesting to see Yahoo Finance pay attention to Litecoin, though. Gaining more mainstream exposure has always been one of the top goals for this particular currency. Even though there are quite a few different payment processors supporting Litecoin, very few merchants actively support it. We can only hope that situation changes sooner or later. Cryptocurrency is about so much more than just a speculative tool.

Even though Yahoo no longer has the top position the company used to represent a few years ago, they are still a major source of traffic. Exposing Litecoin to millions of users every month can eventually pay off. Only time will tell if Yahoo Finance can have a positive impact on the LTC price anytime soon. It will take some time until all markets recover, that much is evident. Now is the time for LTC to stand up while Bitcoin tanks, though.

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