Bitcoin adoption is thriving all over the world, even though support is coming from some unexpected regions. Russia, a country on the fence about cryptocurrency for the longest time, is slowly warming up to Bitcoin as of late. This translates to success for various Bitcoin Companies., for example, saw its Russian user base jump by 285% in the past week. An exciting development, showing Russian’s want to use Bitcoin as a currency, rather than hoard it.

Russians Eye Bitcoin As A Payment Tool

Every since the official document validating Bitcoin as a currency was revealed in Russia, things have been changing at an accelerated pace. To be more precise, it appears a lot of consumers and enterprises suddenly see the benefit of what this currency brings to the table. Quite a surprising development, although it’s nice to see regardless.

To make matters even more attractive, Russian Bitcoin enthusiasts see the cryptocurrency as a way to buy goods and services. According to a recent Tweet by, their Russian customer base has nearly tripled in the past week. This news coincides with the document making Bitcoin a legal currency in the country, indicating a lot of locals had been waiting for such news.

Since allows Russian’s to buy goods from Amazon at a discount, it only seems reasonable they want to spend cryptocurrency for items they may need. Although there is no shortage of items to purchase within Russian borders, discount shopping is always a preferable option for everyone around the world.

It is evident Bitcoin is considered as much more than an investment vehicle these days. The hoarding problem in Bitcoin has been far from solved, though, as many early investors still hold large amounts of coins in the hopes of a new all-time high price in the coming years. Given the recent price surge, the unloading of those coins may occur a lot sooner than most people anticipate.

Either way, it is good to see bitcoin companies benefit from positive cryptocurrency news. Even though Bitcoin cannot be regulated by any means, political decisions will affect the suitability of this currency. Rather strange, considering anyone in the world can use Bitcoin without anyone prohibiting them from doing so. It will some more educational efforts until people realize that.

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