QuadrigaCX User Receives Withdrawal Request As A Blank Cheque

  • Published on February 12, 2017 at 11:00 BST
QuadrigaCX User Receives Withdrawal Request As A Blank Cheque

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  • Quadriga Coin Exchange is a great Canadian exchange, I use it all the time to move CAD$ in and out of my bank account, trade etc. Withdrawals never take more than a day to process and the fees are minimal. MANY withdrawal options available.

    Here they are:

    Express Interac e-Transfer Min $50, Max $2,000 Next Business day 1.5%
    Express Bank Transfer Min $500, Max $5,000 Next Business day 2%
    Bank Wire Min $100, Max $500,000 4-10 Business days Free
    Direct Bank Transfer / EFT Min $50, Max $5,000 4-7 Business days Free
    Cheque Min $100, Max $500,000 7-10 Business days Free
    Visa/MasterCard/AMEX Min $50, Max $9,999 4-7 Business days Free
    Paypal Min $50, Max $3,000 1-2 Business days Free
    Voucher Min $10, Max $2,999 Up to 5 days Free
    Virtual Visa Min $25, Max $200 Up to 24 hours $5
    Cash Delivery Min $500, Max $5,000 Shipped within 72 hours 2% + $20

    Perhaps if you are from the US and need to move USD to a USD fiat account you should use a US exchange? Like why would I use a Mexican exchange , convert BTC to Pesos and then try to have those Pesos deposited to my CAD$ fiat bank account? I mean really? I am sure as hell not going to ask them to mail me a cheque in Pesos.

    If you want to park your BTC hedged against any number of fiat currencies you can use Uphold.com, when you need to withdraw, transfer that value to whatever exchange you normally use to process fiat conversions that has a clear path to your fiat account. You only need one off ramp.