LBN Ripple Blockchain Banks

Reflecting on the Past and Looking Forward for Ripple

The year 2017 has been pretty positive for Ripple as a whole so far. Things have evolved in the right […]

LBN SBI Ripple

Two More Banks Join the SBI Ripple Asia Consortium

The SBI Ripple Asia Bank Consortium has seen significant growth as of late. As the name suggests, the goal is […]

LBN RIpple Blockchain Banks

Ripple’s Technology Strips Away the Unnecessary Parts of a Pure Blockchain

A lot of people are aware of what the Ripple project is trying to achieve. Their version of blockchain technology […]

LBN Correspondent Banks

Ripple to Benefit From Banks Cutting Correspondent Relationships

There are quite a few interesting trends in the banking sector to take note of. One particular trend indicates how […]

LBN_State Bank of India Blockchain

State Bank of India Sees A Bright Future For Blockchain

India is one of those regions in the world where a lot of things are destined to change very soon. […]

LBN_BitNZ Shutting Down

New Zealand Bitcoin Exchange BitNZ To Shut Down Soon

Even though bitcoin adoption seems to be thriving all over the world, things have not necessarily become easier for companies […]

LBN_Dridex banking malware

New Dridex Banking Malware Campaign Targets UK Banks

Banking malware has proven to be quite the threat for many years now. Dridex is by far one of the […]

Are European Banks Falling Behind in Blockchain Development?

Reuters, a member organization of the R3 Blockchain Consortium, believes European banks are falling behind in blockchain development and integration […]

LBN_Bitcoin Darknet Analytics

Researchers Focus Too Much on Bitcoin And Darknet Rather Than Addressing Crime Itself

Linking Bitcoin transactions with particular wallet addresses is nothing new under the sun. Due to the transparent nature of open […]

Did Fintech Force Banks to Approach Blockchain & A.I?

The blockchain technology and A.I-based financial applications have quickly become the main source of interest of banks and major financial […]

Deloitte Luxembourg Pilot Tests Blockchain Platform for Banks

Deloitte Luxembourg, a branch of the multi-billion dollar accounting firm Deloitte, has announced the development of a proof of concept […]

Australian Pre-IPO Blockchain Startup Helps Banks Fight Money Laundering

Two Sydney-based companies Kyckr and Identitii have announced the utilization of Bitcoin’s underlying technology, the blockchain technology, to establish strategies […]


Can Bitcoin Satisfy Both White and Black Markets?

Currently, Bitcoin is in its seventh year and continuing its path as the freedom currency of the 21st century. 2016 […]

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