LBN XMR 2002

Monero Price Analysis – A 6% Loss Across USD and BTC Markets

Things are starting to look very bad for Monero all of a sudden. Whereas it was widely believed XMR would […]

LBN Localbitcoins Global Volume

Global LocalBitcoins Trading Volume Continues To Grow

LocalBitcoins trading volume continues spike all over the world. A new weekly all-time high record was set once again, which […]

LBN XMR 1902

Monero Price Analysis – Stability Is Secured For Now

As we had expected, Monero has no issues retaining its value above the US$13 mark. Even though bitcoin’s price has […]

LBN_Monero 1002

Monero Price Analysis – Temporary Support Level Achieved?

As was to be expected, things are turning from bad to worse for Monero right now. With rather large losses […]

LBN_Monero Trading 0902

Monero Price Analysis – Beware of Bitcoin’s Return to US$1,000

Monero is once again taking advantage of what is happening to bitcoin right now, although it is very different from […]

LBN_Monero 0802

Monero Price Analysis – Brace For More Losses In BTC Market

Another day in the Monero market that presents more of the same volatile movements. Both in the USD and BTC […]

LBN_XMR 0702

Monero Pice Analysis – Big Losses Coming To XMR/BTC

A lot has happened for Monero over the past 24 hours, that much is certain. Significant losses in the BTC […]

LBN_Monero 0302

Monero Price Analysis – Heading Back To US$12 Per XMR

As we had expected, the Monero value has tanked by quite a margin. Earlier gains pushing XMR well above US$13 […]

LBN_XMR 0202

Monero Price Analysis – Can The Status Quo Be Maintained?

It appears Monero is slowly bouncing back from it significant losses sustained 48 hours ago. With the USD value going […]

Monero Price Analysis – Shake Ground In The XMR/BTC Market

It appears Monero has thrown most traders and speculators yet another curveball, as all previous chart indicators were ignored. The […]

LBN_Monero 2701

Monero Price Analysis – Blood In The Water Will Attract More Sharks

There is a lot of blood in the water for Monero traders right now. A massive sell-off of this currency […]

LBN_Monero 2501 Trading

Monero Price Analysis – Recovery Process After Brief Dip

Things are slowly going from bad to worse for Monero, even though a large part of is price correction has […]

LBN_XMR Trading 2401

Monero Price Analysis – Gravitational Pull Towards US$11.5

There is not much left to tell about Monero most people did not already know by now. The XMR value […]

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