LBN LocalBitcoins Voume

LocalBitcoins Weekly Trading Volume Reaches new Heights in a few Countries

It has been another good week for traders on the LocalBitcoins platform. Multiple countries have reached a new all-time high […]

LBN Bitmex Capacity

BitMEX Increases Server Capacity By up to 400% During Maintenance

We have seen many cryptocurrency exchanges struggle these past few months. Companies are dealing with a growing number of users. […]

LBN Litecoin ATH

Litecoin Reaches new All-time High of US$50.77

Litecoin has officially reached a new all-time high, which will please the community quite a bit. For the longest time, […]


LTC Trading Volume Surpasses Bitcoin’s, Price Momentum Remains Strong

Things are looking quite positive for Litecoin right now. Yesterday’s price surge was greeted with a lot of optimism. Unfortunately, […]

LBN Bitcoin Price Volatility

Bitcoin Price Remains Volatile On the Road to US$2,000

This weekend has not been a great one for Bitcoin enthusiasts. People keeping a close eye on the Bitcoin price […]

LBN XRP Coinone

XRP Trading On Coinone Quickly Overtakes Bitcoin and Ethereum Pairs

The past week has been pretty interesting for XRP owners. With the value slowly climbing to new heights, things are […]

LBN Ripple XRP Lockup

Ripple May Announce Extended XRP Supply Lock-up In June

A lot of people are keeping a close eye on what will happen to XRP over the coming weeks. The […]

LBN Altcoin Bitcoin Trading

Altcoin Market Takes A Hit and Bounces Back Amid US$3bn Trading Spree

It looks like some interesting things have been happening in the altcoin sector overnight. Virtually all major altcoins saw their […]

LBN XMR 3004

Monero Price Analysis – XMR Rushes Toward US$25 Mark

As was to be expected, Monero is one of the many altcoins currently enjoying a massive upward boost. The price […]

LBN XMR 2804

Monero Price Analysis – The Uptrend Is Confirmed

Another good day of trading is in the book for everyone who holds XMR as part of their portfolio. Monero […]

LBN XMR 2704

Monero Price Analysis – Spiking USD Trading Volume Pushes XMR To US$21

Fortune often favors the brave and the bold, even in the world of cryptocurrency. Monero holders will be pleased to […]

LBN XMR 2604

Monero Price Analysis – Downward Momentum Picks Up Steam

Although things were looking quite good for Monero yesterday, it looks like things are starting to head in the opposite […]

LBN XMR 2504

Monero Price Analysis – The Battle for US$20 Support Is In Effect

Monero holders will be more than pleased with the way things are evolving right now. The price per XMR has […]

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