The ViaBTC mining pool continues to add new services to their platform. As of today, it is possible to mine Bitcoin through a US stratum server. Offering this option helps reduce mining latency when connecting to the Chinese pool’s servers. Moreover, the team wants to maintain their perfect track record of zero orphan blocks mined, which is quite impressive.

ViaBTC Launches A US Stratum Server

Quite a few different factors determine whether or not it is profitable to mine Bitcoin in the first place. As most people are well aware of, there is usually a substantial upfront investment involved in starting such an operation. Maximizing returns and potential profit are of the utmost importance, two factors which can benefit from a mining pool taking the necessary precautions.

If the ViaBTC mining pool is one’s preference, it seems mining latency and orphaned blocks are no cause for concern. With the new US stratum server, delays between finding and submitting block results should be reduced to a bare minimum. Moreover,r the pool claims they have not had any orphan blocks since launching in July of 2016, which is quite unusual in the world of Bitcoin mining.

To speed up the block synchronization process, ViaBTC uses an advanced form of the relay network. This also results in none of the pool blocks found being empty, whereas other mining pools come across empty blocks ever now and then. It is apparent the team is doing everything they can to provide an excellent mining experience.

After trying and testing the US stratum server for quite some time, the team finally decided to enable it for the public use. Keep in mind this is an entirely separate server, which offers the same stable environment as its Chinese counterpart. A stable connection and lower rejection rate will improve miner earnings, which is always a positive development.

Similarly to its Chinese server, the ViaBTC US stratum supports PPS+ mining. This results in higher mining yields per block discovered on the network. Transaction fees are allocated to miners as well, giving them two separate revenue streams in one. By taking this approach, it is only feasible ViaBTC will attract more miner in the coming months.

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