It is evident a lot of companies are focusing on blockchain technology right now. Even payment giants, such as VISA, are venturing into this space. What is rather remarkable is how the company is looking for a blockchain engineer. More specifically, they want someone with either Ethereum or Ripple technology experience. This is quite interesting new for people following the developments of Ripple.

It is good to see companies like VISA pay attention to blockchain. Even though they are in a different league of their own, distributed ledgers have their role to play in traditional finance too. The bigger question is how the company wants to embrace this technology moving forward. It is possible VISA will create their own ledger of some sorts. A new job posting seems to hint at a slightly different idea, though.

Ripple or Ethereum Experience to Work for VISA

They are looking for a blockchain engineer with Ripple experience. Someone with experience in Ethereum development is more than welcome too. It is evident VISA wants to build some form of distributed applications moving forward. Right now, it remains to be seen what this project entails exactly, though. Various companies in the financial sector are working on these vague concepts right now. Blockchain technology is of great value to a lot of enterprises, that much is evident.

This does not necessarily mean VISA will embrace Ripple all of a sudden. It is certainly possible the company is keeping an eye on what Ripple does, though. Being able t send global payments quicker and cheaper is in everybody’s best interest. Even credit card companies can benefit from cheaper and better solutions. It is possible this job listing just threw together some popular terms associated with blockchain, though. It also mentions R3 and Bitcoin, which is quite interesting.

One thing worth noting is how VISA clearly asks for “Solidity” experience, though. Solidity is the coding language of Ethereum and its smart contract technology. Then again, we have seen the Ethereum technology can’t handle thousands of transactions per block all that comfortably. Let alone process the number of transactions VISA generates. Ethereum isn’t suited for such a purpose, that much is evident.

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