Ellcrys is a Source-Level DAO (SDAO) blockchain-based network that anyone can join and contribute to the open source software products in exchange for compensation and rewards. It enables users to develop decentralized Git repositories that are highly available, censorship-resistant and can be fully owned by more than one person. Repositories may include all types of codes serving different purposes like smart contracts, web services, mobile app packages or libraries, frameworks and so on.  Ellcrys’s token sale will start from February 1, 2018.

What is Source-Level Decentralized Autonomous Organization (SDAO)?

A Source-Level DAO (SDAO) is the democratic enterprise, where decentralized source code repository is the epicenter of all administration and collaboration functions.

Such enterprises are more than smart contract-based token holding and voting rule-setting entities. These are continuously evolving repositories where users can freely contribute their skills and knowledge towards a shared purpose or goal. They are flexible enough to be run as smart contracts or executed anonymously on Heroku, AWS etc. Being deployed on centralized mechanisms, the SDAOs operate autonomously and are free of DAO contributors’ intervention. These are scalable where users can develop any software project like APIs, websites, smart contracts, libraries etc. Ellcrys holds the distinction of being the first Git-powered source-level DAO blockchain.

Decentralized Version Control System

A Decentralized Version Control System (DVCS) underlies the SDAO. It coordinates, collects and organizes source codes that users contribute. It lets collaborators freely decide the actions concerning commits, merging, branch management, task delegation, issue monitoring, revenue management, deployment, accessibility and membership.

Multiple users can own SDAO and the extent of ownership is based on the continuous contribution to the platform. With each completed and published task, ownership points, tokens, or revenue is awarded. The voting decides the acceptability of the task or a solution.

Decentralized Governance

SDAOs are enterprises with no central office or hierarchy, bosses or managers. Decision making is handled by collaborators via proposal development and voting. Reputation on SDAO platform empowers contributors and is earned through persistent quality contributions. Reputation is non-transferrable, unlike stake or ownership points. SDAO can be web, mobile app or service; however suitable environments are required for their execution.

Ellcrys- The Practical Implementation of SDAO Idea

Ellcrys, the first Source-Level DAO platform is being developed by a team in Africa that intends to make a platform for developing democratic and leadership organizations.

In order to develop the platform further, the team has decided to launch its token sale, starting from February 1, 2018.

If you find the Source-Level DAO idea interesting and want to participate in its upcoming token sale, please visit https://ellcrys.co/

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