Instead of just selling its concept to investors,  AirPod has developed a minimum viable product (MVP), set for launch in or after October. The AirPod MVP will create an opportunity for the APOD investors and users from across the world to test the product before the company enters into the full-fledged manufacturing phase. The MVP will be installed in Ljubljana Center, Slovenia and made accessible to as many people as possible. With the prototype expected to be available in October, AirPod is expected to confirm the exact launch date soon.

With the development of the MVP, AirPod has taken a different approach from the rest of the projects when it comes to fundraising. The prototype product will not only familiarize the community to the project and its end-goal but also presents AirPod’s accountability to its token sale participants, winning their trust and even encouraging further contributions during the course of ICO.

Reason for Developing the MVP

Besides showcasing its concept to investors, AirPod is also looking forward to receiving feedback from renters and potential customers. The MVP will have some of the exciting features outlined in the initial designs, which includes the zero-gravity seat. Gradually, the company will include more features as they upgrade the prototypes and test them at each stage. With AirPod, first-time pod users will enjoy the new “home, away from home”, in public spaces.

As a part of the MVP launch, the users of the prototype will be urged to submit their feedback, which will be used to ascertain whether the pod is performing as per expectation. In addition, they can also submit their suggestions and opinions, based on which the company can either improve or include features. The whole exercise serves as a way to ensure a high-quality product that takes into account all the needs of its customers and helps them relax better.

The AirPod Sponsorship Program

The AirPod sponsorship program remains one of the important features of the project. The company, instead of just seeking funds from the investors for napping pod development, deployment and operations, has implemented a model that accommodates community involvement over a long term.

The APOD token holders can ensure a life-long passive income stream for themselves by opting to sponsor the installation of AirPods anywhere in the world. Through sponsorship, they will stand to receive a portion of the profits generated by the equipment they sponsored.

The profits will be generated from payments made by the AirPod customers to make use of the sleeping pod. Members of the sponsorship program will be paid on a monthly basis, in the project’s own APOD tokens. These APOD tokens can also be used to rent out the pods, at a discounted price by the community members.

Participants in the AirPod sponsorship program will have access to a dashboard that provides information on usage and economics for individual units, in order to help them pick the unit of their choice. All transactions and ownership will be maintained on blockchain for added transparency and reliability.

Moreover, users can sell the rights they own in AirPod DApp platform if they wish. The DApp will be added soon on the website. Once someone sponsors an unit, they don’t have to worry about footing the bills for maintenance, repairs or upgrades as it will be taken care of by the company.

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