BitDice Casino Review


BitDice Casino has come far since its inception three years ago. Launched in 2014, the casino started with a simple Hi-Low (Dice) game on Bitcoins. The casino made by players for players, has since hosted bets worth 250.000 BTC (~292.500.000 USD). BitDice even became the first crypto-currency casino to incorporate and go public in Costa Rica.

Other achievements for BitDice include it becoming the first to implement the WebSocket technology with a mobile-centric focus to provide among the fastest bet speeds in the online casino industry; and also becoming the first casino to implement the Kelly Investment system to ensure the safety of investors.

Industry Trendsetter

In addition to the many firsts achieved by the casino, BitDice also leads the industry by offering a casino platform which is much more sophisticated than any white-label casinos. The platform has its own proprietary system that gives it a speed as high as 20-30 bets per second depending up on the connection.

The platform is active with its research in order to offer useful, and often revolutionary, features and systems to its customers, and also to help to improve the prevailing casino industry issues.

Provably Fair

The casino platform employs the popular Provably Fair mechanics as a means to ensure fairness of the bets. This technology is incorporated in the games to make all bets 100% random.

The Provably Fair mechanics consists of the two random strings, one from the server and one provided by the player. It is not possible for the casino to know about player string until the player makes a bet, then it combines their own string and applies some function to get a bet result. Therefore, eliminating any possibility of altering results.

Real House Edge

BitDice offers a generous house edge of only 0.8%, which is amongst the lowest in the market.  The house edge at BitDice is real and consistent as it is nearly the same when compared to the total Bitcoins wagered on the platform.

Bonuses to Die For

Though the platform does not rely on the standard welcome/sign-up bonuses that much, it offers a number of bonuses that can actually make a difference during a bet. The bonuses offered are:

Loss Back

Is a bonus system that credits the player back a percent of the amount they lost. The percent increases with the level and is credited to the player in BitDice Tokens. Bet

Bet Back

Is a bonus system that credits the player a percent of the amount they bet as a bonus. The percent increases with level and is credited to the player in BitDice Tokens

Daily Treasure Chest

Daily Chest is a loyalty reward that BitDice users can claim once a day. The reward is an unknown amount of BitDice Tokens that depend on the user’s level. The bigger the level, the larger the potential reward.


BitDice Casino uses a progressive JackPot system where 1% of the House Edge is added to the JackPot pool that increases with every bet made on the website.

BitDice also features an innovative Rain system, which enables users to tip each other.

Further, the platform does not ban or void balance if users by accident bet higher required wage. The user simply earns Rakeback while playing.


The payouts are processed within days by BitDice. No matter how huge they are. In 2015, a user won 500+BTC and was paid within several hours, while in 2016 several users won from 100-300BTC and were paid within hours.

Another big win was registered in 2017, when a gambler won 300BTC.

All users were paid within hours. Small payouts of less than 50BTC are processed instantly.

Game Selections

The casino platform has expanded to include Slots, Roulette, BlackJack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Plinko and BitAces.

What is interesting about the platform is its Faucet feature. Faucet basically opens BitDice doors to users for a free test-run. There is no need to make a deposit to test games. Users can use faucet to get a feel about how BitDice works for free.

Payment Methods

BitDice supports a diverse array of established crypto-currencies. Any of the mentioned currencies can be used to play games at BitDice – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The platform also offers an intuitive online exchange system that facilitates exchange between supported cryptocurrencies. In addition, plans are underway to add support for Bank Cards.

Users would be able to play any game available on BitDice with funds deposited using any of the supported coins.

Trust and Security

BitDice claims to have the strongest security, which is better than even on biggest bitcoin exchanges like Bitfinex. The platform’s trust in its security is so strong that it is holding an event on BitcoinTalk forum. They have disclosed the username and password of an account and challenged the community to take 1 Bitcoin from it. No one could as of yet, validating their security claims.

The security measures on the platform include 2FA authorization, IP whitelist, email confirmation for withdrawals (with 2FA), address locks and funds stored in cold wallet using Trezor.

Salient Features

The other interesting features of the platform include its provision for social gaming and also the opportunity to invest.

Investment Opportunity

BitDice Casino gives the user a unique opportunity to invest into the bankroll. The xKelly system allows the users to choose how they invest. What is even better is that investment options are open for all games once they release. BitDice is the only casino that allows investments.

Social Gaming

In the wake of the popularity of social gaming, BitDice offers features that transform casino gaming into to an immersive social microcosm. The on-site chatroom welcomes every user to share their experience, the good and the bad in their day but it is not only used for chatting but it is also a place for games and events.

Other features include private messaging system, added perks from advancing to a new level and comprehensive user statistics

Customer Support

The fastest way to contact BitDice Casino is through their on-site ticket system. They will reply within 24 hours.

BitDice is wholly customer-centric and goes the extra mile to provide features, offers, systems, and support that would enliven the user gaming experience. The speed and responsiveness of their games is unparalleled.


In conclusion, BitDice proves to be a disruptive force in the gambling industry by consistently pushing the envelope. It provides 100% probably fair games, lowest house edge, instant payouts, clear bonuses, community and solvency for their users. Further, it consistently evolves in accordance with user demands and implements those demands to provide for a superior user experience.