Today, there is a large disconnect in the FinTech industry between great ITO (Initial Token Offering) projects and provide the means to connect to proper investors for a successful launch. With the market cap of all cryptocurrency assets reaching an all-time high at over $165 billion, we see a lot of new companies launching ITOs attempting to capitalize on the new wild west of VC. As companies and start-ups are now exploring uses of blockchain within the fintech space there are exponential on concerns on market regulation and compliance.

The industry today has problems with validity, compliance, development and security when it comes to ITOs with many different governments around the world proposing to ban ITOs or seeking to regulate the industry. As no industry standards exist today Blocksale (BOK) is looking to bridge the gap of compliance and set industry standards as one of the first Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Client (AML/KYC) pre-sale buying portal.

Blocksale accomplishes this by having specific criteria to invest, such as being an accredited investor to participate in the pre- sale. BOK will provide an easy method for accredited investors looking to acquire new ITOs through fiat, or crypto purchases, giving the ability to get into numerous validated, and vetted ITOs at pre-sale levels. As Darren Franceschini the company’s CEO stated “The main reason for creating this platform is to provide a secure, and stable portal for traditional investors to move into the cryptocurrency industry with limited risks and have the capacity to invest and support projects during their initial token offering” The push for a platform that would help solve compliance issues as well as regulatory concerns will be a big move for the industry that has many still doubtful on the cryptocurrency market and its legality.

Blocksale is the future of the presale ITO token acquisition process. By leveraging the integration of AI technology into the development of Blocksale, they are enabling accredited investors to take advantage of the most profitable and intelligent opportunities in the crypto economic space.

Blocksale’s first initial round of funding was sold out in less an hour selling 10,000,000 BOK tokens within the first hour, the equivalent of almost $1,000,000 USD showcasing the massive interest in the project. The presale is set to for five rounds, the second round is scheduled to launch this week, Wednesday Ocotober 4th 2017. The ITO is scheduled to end around December 14th 2017, right before the new year and as Blocksale is currently gearing up for round two they are also working on a massive rebranding to be revealed in time for the second round. If you are interested in learning more about the project you can find more on their website

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