Ethereum Wallet


The creators of has now introduced a similar wallet package for Ethereum users. Titled, this new service is a massive leap to providing more speedy and secure Ether storage facilities. Contrary to any traditional Ethereum Wallet, only takes 5 seconds to setup, thus simplifying those first important steps into the Ethereum world.

The service comes at the time when users are made to download heavy-in-weight Ethereum blockchain on their limited storage devices; it takes days for them to sync this ever-growing public ledger. Furthermore, these downloads are prone to exploits and malware., on the other hand, allows people to start storing and trading Ethereum on the go, without needing them to download the bulky blockchain data.

Another thing to take from this Ethereum wallet is its ability to distribute load against growing Ethereum transactions. There will be no lags whatsoever the traffic might be. Also, with an intuitive and attractive interface, puts a great deal of efforts in bringing out the most satisfying Ethereum storage services.