CausePlay LLC

Company Name: CausePlay LLC


Location: California, USA



CausePlay is a mobile loyalty, customer engagement and rewards platform. The platform offers blockchain based loyalty and rebate solution under the brand ThirtyThree.8.

CausePlay’s blockchain solution is built on top of the Ethereum protocol and uses native Virtual Cash Back (VCB) tokens. It is the world’s first blockchain-secured rebate and coupon issuance and redemption infrastructure. The platform, with the revolutionary technology, is taking a shot at the market with an annual turnover of over $20 billion.

Some of the benefits of CausePlay’s blockchain platform includes — elimination of Coupon & Rebate fraud which costs the brands as much as $600 million. It also offers businesses with additional capabilities to create customized offers targeting individual users, prevent duplication through built-in DRM protection and also apply bonus values to targeted products to drive incremental value.

The platform also gives much-needed flexibility to the clients. Businesses can control their promotions, loyalty and rewards programs real-time to get the maximum returns. Brands can also expand its customer base by extending the benefits to the unbanked customers, who represent nearly $1 trillion in purchasing power. The use of VCB tokens makes it possible for customers to avail all the benefits without having to connect their bank accounts or credit cards. They can later redeem the rewards for cash, pay for a purchase or even transfer it.


Jonas Hudson – The co-founder of CausePlay, Hudson has over 20 years of experience in mobile/new media content distribution and marketing. Before that, he also founded The Nickels Group in 2002 which distributed mobile content on over 50 carrier decks worldwide. The company was later sold to Mobile Streams LTD in 2006. He also played a significant role in marketing and distribution at Warner Bros and New Line Cinema.

Scott Loyola – Scott started off with Ralphs Grocery, where he held various merchandising positions at retail — including category management, department oversight, inventory, and promotional execution. Since then he entered into food brokerage, launched major brands and also played a major role in market research and corporate alliances, including fundraising.

Jon Labrie – An IT analyst, systems integrator, visual effects consultant and entrepreneur, Jon has worked with governments, private companies, helping them develop their film and visual effects production skills. He was also the CTO at Weta Digital and had a role in the development of innovative digital pipeline designed to deliver Academy Award winning visual effects for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Jon later founded Blister LLC, a New Zealand mobile gaming development and publishing company that has released a number of titles in various languages.

Morgan Martin – A marketing executive with twenty years of experience in leading firms, managing teams, and strategic partnerships, Morgan has worked with AirTouch and Verizon. He guided Network Commerce through an IPO and a secondary public offering. He also worked with many first of its kind programs in the mobile content delivery and entertainment sector.